what to learn from this virus situation – a shamanic sociological view!

here I describe how the change is going on, what was pratice before the virus appears and what chance it gives us to find new solutions NOW or to act differently than before and what this holds as an opportunity…

the “social distance“ that we have to maintain now because of the virus was basically already there before, because people had grown apart. Most of the attention was tied up in the smartphone, the open-mindedness for social interaction had faded due to the addiction to electronic media and the acceleration of “time”, through hectic and existential fear and by turning away from the natural to the technological!


the pandemic spreads a “collective field” of fear, this triggers unresolved worries and injuries from the past, it may even be those we have already inherited from our ancestors without knowing it. It is very important to be careful to give little room to fear, because fear has a damaging effect on the immune system! We live in times of transition from the old to the new. It needs NEW approaches now. It is particularly important to remain in confidence!

Precaution is very good, look into your personal responsibility, who you want to meet and agree with each other.  The appointment must be delayed because of „shut-down“ and „stay at home“ like ordered by government and on OUR OWN responsibility!

The domestic coexistence of families is now more in demand again, especially where it is advisable to stay at home. Here it comes back to a togetherness, where it was previously separated, since children in kindergarten and parents often came home from work late in the evening and could share little time and space with each other. All in all, it can be seen that these times are about overcoming polarities! If we look at the whole world before the virus, we saw a great interest in going out, in consuming, in electronic media strongly beyond the healthy!

People worked to party on weekends, go out. Wherever they went, they consumed – music, people, sex, alcohol and more. Often there was still little willingness to exchange with others REALLY, to really listen to what the other person has/had to say or even to ask how the other person is doing! The virus now brings families and people interested in each other closer together again. All in all, the focus of attention is on something completely different than before!

Before it was about merchandise, products, goods, money, elbow mentality, consumption, going party, consume and went to work to “achieve” this and be able to affort it!

Now it’s all about health and precaution, prevention. “Suddenly” mortality comes to the focus, where dying was previously massively tabooed!

Before the virus, the focus was “trapped” in consumption, in the delusion of youthfulness and performance, in striving for perfection in appearance and body measurements, in achieving maintaining and showing the accumulated “status”.

it was all about keeping the mask upright, wheter as an applied facial expression far from authenticity or as a representation of “appearance” in all situations in life, always with the intention of pretending that everything was „fine“, even if there was chaos and disagreement in the family or elsewhere!

Asking for help was out or people deliberately overheard hints!
People were next to themselves!

I was often asked for my opinion as a shaman on how to solve different things, then I was told the story and helped where I could. Most of the time my answer was “unpleasant”, because I said that it was about speaking clearly and plainly, to communicate clearly and distinctly what you want or do not want, what it needs, what you perceive, what comes to your mind and also to approach family members and offer help.

I have met many who have spoken or written “through the flower” and thought that this is understandable. (“through the flower” means to speak around without saying what concretely is meant!)

but “through the flower” speaks around the problem without clearly addressing what it is about and what the possible solution might be.

In the last 10 years or so, I strongly perceived that exactly this ability to be in conversation with each other, to be REALLY interested in each other, was lost.

Problems and difficulties accumulated, I observed where a clarifying conversation could have saved a lot more!

it is all about overcoming polarities, as we can see at this present situation now, as a very clear example of the pandemic now – as described above, where there were many people before, is now “empty”, the streets, the cities, the restaurants, airports, museums etc.,
there it is now “empty”!

Before the virus → coexistence was “empty”!
The “listening to each other” was “empty”!
the interest in each other was “empty”!

there was a lack of REAL and effective interest in others, in fellow human beings!

there was a lack of relationship!

if this is missing, this is “empty”
and then people and the human togetherness are impoverished!

But this is exactly what we all NEED sooo necessarily! the togetherness!
f.e. also in nursing care in hospitals or old people’s homes and also in day-care centres for children etc.

not only in this virus-situation now!

we PEOPLE need the ENERGETICALLY togetherness!

this “getting involved with each other”, this “being with each other”.

this has also decreased in the last 10 years! For reasons already described above and because of privatisations and cost saving and turning away from the needs of the people!

People MEAN, they could “save time”!
but this is impossible!
and also nonsensical!

Because when we TAKE our time, we give ourselves SPACE.
and this is exactly what is at stake now in these years of transition of the world ages!

The rush and time pressure that we impose on ourselves when we think we can “save time”, is the invisible clock that forces „it’s“ beat on us!

But we humans are here
to DANCE according to our very own rhythm 😊🤗

and THIS ist the TRUTH!

and the most interesting thing about it is
that each and everyone has their own rhythm
and can liberate it

and it is exactly this creativity that we need NOW!

~~~ it’s about a NEW approach!

This is how we recognize the virus now and the resulting forced slowness and change in lifestyle
is also a CHANCE!

~~~ a BIG chance for CHANGE!

Einstein said many years ago that the only way to solve a problem is to change the state of consciousness in which the problem arose! this means, if you stay where the problem originated, it is difficult to impossible to find NEW solutions and approaches!

as difficult as this virus situation ist now, it does help us to become aware of what is REALLY important!

~~~~~~~~~~~ to LIVE!

We are now getting the chance to really realize that this consumerism and throwaway mentality, this consumption of people and technology and this perfectionist focus on body weight, makeup and ratings of other who supposedly know more about what is important, as well as performance mania, brand dependency and factory farming, that all is “UN-living”!

and this “UN-living” is DEATH!

do we want to stay focused on death? on dead technology? on a throwaway mentatlity? do we want to keep throwing our garbage into the seas or inte the streets without caring what damage it does? do we want to keep watching species go extinct every day? Do we want to remain in the unconscious, indulging only in consumption? Do we further accept that liefe ist extinguished by our behaviour and our turning away from nature? do we want to be here, far away from the ENERGETICAL togetherness?

Energetic togetherness means to look at each other when speaking, to be in contact with each other,

to care for each other, to be interested in each other, even if you live far away from each other 💗

it means a human loving and friendly interest in each other, also taking care of each other, wether you know each other or not (yet),

for example a “no” to discrimination or right-wing extremism,
a “no” also for someone else who is not yet known!

Each one of us has the CHOICE

Let us choose to be CONSCIOUS!
Let us choose to make a difference!
Let us choose to RESPECT Nature!

Let us choose to RESPECT ourselves and to appreciate ourselves
– and from this to have respect and appreciation for the people around
and all members of the Living Creation!

I am a shaman for 26 years now and have become very ill in 1994, this illness makes me the shaman I am now. Especially the last three and a half years were VERY hard and I almost died several times.

I have been dealing with decease and with dying people all my life time and the last three and a half years have demanded everything from me to survive!

But one thing I can tell you for sure, namely my steadfastness in KNOWING that I want to LIVE!
~~~~~~~~ it is a DECISION! ~~~
and it is about staying with this vital decision!

I know I am anchored and rooted in “universal love” and knowing and FEELING this has caused my overcome of all the difficulties and adversities of my past life! It is from this consciousness that I speak to you here.

I can tell you that YOUR wise DECISION helps to protect the LIFE of all and of Mother Earth!

even if many people have the impression that a single person or we „little people“ are prevented from changing something or achieving something such great!

YOUR DECISION makes THE difference!

Since everything is connected, everything affects each other!

Let us remember the story of the sea star. A little girl collected all the sea stars lying on the beach and brought them back to the sea. A man came along and said: “What difference does it make?”
The girl said: “Yes, I do! for THEM it makes THE difference!”

so, look to yourself, what you put your focus on, your attention.

If you focus on living and finding NEW creative approaches, you will even strengthen your immune system!

it is also important to think about grounding every day, for this you let roots grow from the soles of your feets in your imagination and connect with Mother Earth.

You can also strengthen yourself by walking to your favourite place, but of course also in front of the door, in the forest or by the river. It does not need to go to vacation for that! Find a new place near you, a tree, a landscape where you like to be and where you feel that you are filled with strength!

Pull on UP on what you have already achieved and accomplished in life!

Be grateful for all that is given to you, f.e. health, healthy children, that you have a home and a job, that you can choose what you like to eat, that you are alive and maybe you have special talents and strenths, like painting or writing stories or telling stories or something else. Be grateful that this is a GIFT to you!

You can take this gratitude with you in your everyday life, thank in the morning or in the evening also for all the beautiful things of the past day. And you can greet the day in the morning and welcome what will the day will bring and show to you.

I know we are always surrounded by “signs”, f.e. small colourful flowers in the meadow or dandelions drilling through the asphalt or now in spring whole meadows dressed in yellow or rainbows, now in spring BUDDING trees and bushes, the fresh and cheerfully budding nature 🌿 😊

Be careful and open yourself again more to the voices of nature, the birds singing, the flowers, the trees, take a seat on the park bench and breathe a moment with full intention!

Allow yourself to find peace and TAKE SPACE!

YOU are the only one who can do this!

Stop waiting for permission!

because it is your job to TAKE your space
and LEARN to take your space!

In this spirit.. have courage!


read also:  I am „she who is seeing in the dark“ – my way to become Shaman through pain


It greets you warmly  

Forest soul

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inner child,
free heart power!, sensory training, natural meditation, mentoring,
sign interpretation, shamanic energetic help


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photo credits „hands“: Johnhain Pixabay „be“
~ GREEN modified by WaldSeele 

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