Change of perspective on Christmas with Corona! ~ a field of GRATITUDE as an opposite pole to the field of fear

This Christmas with Corona is a „chance“ to make it clear to us what we „have“, what is given to us ❣️
because if we look into the global world, we can see that there are people all over the world who live in this times now without warm running water in a tent, they have to share ONE toilet with 200 others and who lack what we „have“ here!

It is good for you and also makes sense for your health to change your own focus – namely away from what was “normal” in the past and away from your own “lack” feeling of it! 

better to focus on how rich we are here and that we and our loved ones and friends are healthy and to recognize that there are millions of people in the world who have to live in tents, cut off from what we here before or even while C-Virus felt so „normal“ ~ but only ‚took‘ it without respect and without appreciation, namely „consumed“!

I made a podcast in german language, my mother tongue, and describe there about the world affairs with increasing right-wing extremism, but also the situation of the homeless people now when all shops are closed and they are deprived of overnight accommodation, where they were previously protected a tiny bit from the freezing cold as well as help for people with very little money. I give a lot of food for thought in order to be able to view the situation from different perspectives. I also tell a little about the fact that I was able to help many people in the last 26 y who lived on the fringes of our society and that I myself know many situations myself, for example with serious illness and very little money.

There are many who only look out of the lack of the right to travel freely is robbed of them or who are angry about how poor they are that they would have to wear face masks

without being able to see that there are children and adults who, due to leukemia or cancer or other chronic diseases, CANNOT and are not allowed to do everything
that others simply do at any time, without even realizing that the subject of the perspective on C virus and lockdown is thousands more
in order to be able to grasp this in a large overall context!

Everyone just looks from their “own“ perspective!
With your own characteristics and your own values and your own life story!
But there is so much more than this one!

So if you look from a larger picture, you can see how MUCH we “have”, what freedom we are given to be able to turn on the heating at any time and to be able to shower and bathe at any time!

Where in the world there are children and adults who MISS even ONE liter of water a day or who are and were cut off from everything that was simply taken for granted here before Corona and during what is known as “normality” without any appreciation has been!

Taking a NEW perspective on it is also valuable for your health!

Because whoever has the attention constantly on what has been taken from him and is constantly stuck in deficiency, will get sick and depressed!

As a counterbalance to this, it is vital to be aware of all that one CAN and should be GRATEFUL for ! 

This gratitude is valuable and gives change in the collective!
It changes the possibilities, it changes the „energy“!

It changes the appreciation and respect for one’s own path and,
as a result, the respect and appreciation for other people and their becoming and being in this our world❣️

which consists of so much more than “having” money and being able to consume !!

It’s about BEing with an open heart and being grateful for it, for example to have worked out the standard of living and that you and your children and friends and relatives are healthy

and that everyone is alive and spared from flight, spared from violence, hatred and war !!

it’s about the WARMTH of LOVE in the HEART!

this is the REAL power and message of Christmas!


kind regards ~ ForestSoul
© ~ all rights reserved!
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