Dark night of the soul – LIFE from the HEART – primordial wound heals collectively!

what is behind me my entire life and the last almost four years has killed me millions of times and I have rebuilt myself a million times and rearranged from these fragmentations! I became a shaman (fragmentation  processes!) Here in this blatant and life-threatening process since 2017 (the process has been running since 1994, more about below!) I decided clearly and CHOOSE TO LIVE!
I knew and know, I am rooted in universal LOVE –
for me it is right to LIVE out of
the HEART power of my WILL


and I live  💦☀️🌈
many have told me to stop being who I am
and some have told me to stop doing what this blatant process
asked me. It was impossible.
If I had refused to be the shaman that I AM
~ to be the INNOCENT CHILD and the OLD SOUL ~
who I AM,
I would have died!
i am here because i have decided to live!
from a life story full of „death“ and abuse of any way I am here,
strong-willed, self-determined, self-respecting –
to LIVE!
and I live!
I was always missing people who wanted to hear my story! it was too HARD, my story triggered others on their unsolved mental injuries, that’s why I basically live alone all the time and remained silent, partly because of speechlessness – born in 1968, plus unrecognized Asperger’s autism (unrecognized until 2016) and highly sensitive.
I was always open to everyone with
my undivided attention and took my time!
I have accompanied many in dying, whether man, woman, animal, tree or landscape and helped many through conversation and my undivided attention as a shaman and through sign interpretation and interpretation of symptoms and life circumstances, events, hindrances!
I’m here and LIVE ~ that’s the most important thing!
In the 52 years of my life, many wanted to adapt me to their „normal“ with the hardest means! – her „normal“ was „having“, status, wearing masks, taking pills, cultivating unconsciousness, pathological adaptation, forbidding me to speak, forcing, verbal, psychological, sexual, spiritual, emotional violence and abuse, dogmatism, deprivation of liberty, threats, energy robbery, humiliation, bullying, conditioning, group constraints, performance and youth at „any price“, running in the „broad masses“ without your own opinion, permanent criticism, consumer mentality, „addictive society“, selfish, narcissistic, xenophobic, closed chakras, addiction, deprivation of friendship, isolation, …
I’m the only one who knew how I was doing
what my needs were and are what I „needed“ for my LIFE.
It was right for me to leave these aggressors
and reflect on myself and find my own ways
with severe illness since 1994.
If I had relied on the „normal“, I would have disappear, forgotten, unheard, unseen!
So I learned through the massively crass life story
to take good care of myself, to look what I want,
to learn who I AM
to find what holds and carries me,
to BE.. … ….
I am rooted in my heart
I AM here to BE! :)
I am here to be „I AM“!
this „I am“ is authentic, REAL, self-respecting, self-loving, free of self-addiction!
this “I am” DECIDES on HUMANITY, decides to be RESPONSIBLE, for me and others, to be there when they need me AND
to be there when I „need“ me! So I „stand by me“!
this „I am“ knows about solidarity and I am in solidarity and loyal to people
who WANT to be human, who want to live WITH Mother Earth.
this „I am“ is caring and in friendship.
this „I am“ is primordial trust!
this „I am“ is self-empowerment!
this „I am“ is „the power of my HEART“ !
and this „heart strength“ and this decision to the WILL to be tender
was massively subordinated to everyone in Kali-Yuga,
in the dark world age that lies behind us!
I heal my SELF
and this is significant for the whole „living creation“!
because everything is connected to everything
and every woman, every man who does this
changes the world globally!
I am here and LIVE,
because I DECIDED to LIVE
against the greatest resistance, against the biggest obstacles!
With this my story I want to give you COURAGE
to find your very own way
through the opening of your heart!
During these times, the solar plexus chakra blazes inside of us,
be it because of grief or anger, fear, doubt or despair,
anger or worry, addiction and all of that
due to unsolved mental injuries!
In the solar plexus chakra, the fire blazes unbalanced in the case of unsolved mental injuries and the transgenerational trauma that we carry.
That is why it is so important to liberate all of your chakras IN you,
because each chakra relates to certain life issues
and is a “bowl” for different elements!
Many still live out their survival strategies
the traumatization of that time or the life dreams of their ancestors that were imposed on them or that they themselves sustain through trauma because the topic is unconscious!
This holds up the ego.
There is a statement that the ego must „die“!
this means the narcissistic ego, the fixation on the mind, the fixation on what we have taken over from the lives of our ancestors and continue to do, even if we realize that it makes us unhappy, unfree and sick.
I know because I have learned it in this life threatening
„reverse Kundalini process“,
that it is about finding self-respect, self-love!
I’ve been working on this for a total of 26 years (since 1994).
The life-threatening shamanic process in which I have been going for almost four years without being able to break out = trapped
and alone – because the ones with which I was apparently „friends“ at the beginning
have turned away without let me know any reasons,
transforms the primordial wound.
And this GLOBAL process we’re in
and are „trapped“ and triggered by world events,
also transforms the primordial wound!
We are all brought up to the unsaved,
to finally SOLVE and release it!
I often watch people change their behavior,
so I can recognize how the consciousness processes change them –
because it’s a GLOBAL process
and since everything is connected to everything,
this happens .. simply …
ALL is related!
The entire “living creation” rises to HEART consciousness!
from the linear mechanistic world view,
where everything only existed if it could be weighed and measured,
from the severed left brain where everything was „judged“, rated or convicted by the mind
to the heart consciousness where we are open hearted,
where we DECIDE
instead of „having“!
where we want
where we APPRECIATE our talents and strengths
and these of others!
where we LOVE each other!
where we love other humans, as we love ourselves!
where we value and recognize
LIVING diversity!
where we DECIDE to live WITH Mother EARTH
and WANT to live with all of creation!
where we respect nature
and where the perspective of those
seeing themselves as the “crown of creation”,
where we humans return in togetherness and community
with NATURE!
connecting back to nature = re-ligio
I have transformed a lot of earth history and
human history, I looked at all the cruelties, the wars, the violence that are behind us!
because I HAD to look
and SEE, deliberately go into the dark and look there
what people like to keep their eyes off
or look away from,
distract from it,
because it is too painful for them to deal with it! (Trigger!)
I did this because looking at this traumas had to happen,
and I was able to do it.
so we all become able
as a global community
to RISE into the „heart consciousness“!
this means
changing the level of consciousness!
from „having“ to BEING !
living with an open heart is WONDERFUL!
and although I experienced massively difficult life experiences
I am able to say and I KNOW
that LIFE
is LIGHT  … and easy..
even though my personal life was VERY hard
especially since the past almost four years
but also previously
contacts with people were extremely rare!
I am..
and I’m happy to have overcome this blatant „upside-down Kundalini process“ and
still going on to be overcoming it!
an „inverse Kundalini process“
where I thousands of times in my entire life
was in mortal danger and in thousands of individual situations
and experiences were killed over and over again
and „fragmented“!
The term „fragmentation/ dismemberment“ comes from the definitions
of Shamanism. It means being brought repeated in
life-threatening situations by the spirit world,
this creates great chaos because everything that was before
collapses and you keep coming out of it
rearranged and have to find new order.
I described it like this: it’s like to throw multiple puzzles
with each 50,000 pieces into a meadow,
and you MUST find yourself NEW again piece by piece
and have to FIND new structures and put all these pieces together to be whole again!
This is the new order from total chaos!
and so has been my whole life
and because other people endangered me and threatened me,
it became „shamanic disease“ and this massive pain, hindrances and restrictions
and my search for LIVABLE solutions have made me the shaman I AM today … !
I was born under an „extreme“ sign of
Dreamspell Mayan Calendar, where exactly this hiking
is described by the polarities
and likewise
the „dangerousness“ for life and limb!
this sign is a “transformer”, a converter, and the definition speaks of “extremes”
that had to be traversed = polarities!
and so was and is my whole life!
I practiced all my life/ trained to „survive“
this blatant process here!
this was and is „the dark night of the soul“!
and we are all in the collective „dark night of the soul“!
It is important to keep and stay in TRUST !
and it’s important to keep that in mind
how we imagine a LIFE VALUEing world!
despite all the adversity, the triggers and re-traumatizations!
In order to find VALUES, it is right to evaluate!
what we find coherent, what we find adverse!
and use it to define OWN values!
and .. take care of yourself!
„Unconditional love“ is important, especially
related to YOU ​​YOURSELF!
we are far from self-addiction! and self-addiction and
keeping selfishness away, that’s what it’s about!
who has „unconditional love“ for an aggressor, for
someone who hurts you, who makes you suffer, who WANTS to harm you,
that’s wrong! – and it destroys you!
find the „unconditional love“ for YOU yourself, WITH your life story!
WITH what you like to be responsible and WITH where you don’t want to take responsibility for,
but which you have!
the point now is that we have responsibility,
WANT to take it  and THAT we become AWARE of the fact that we WEAR it!
In the word „responsibility“ comes the word „answer“! (in german language)
taking responsibility for ourselves is important!
if you’ve had trouble taking your own stand so far,
then start now ..
because if you leave to speak of your needs and feelings, if you leave to communicate,
how should others know what you feel, who you are, what you want ?!
and for yourself it is VERY important that you become clear about what you like,
what YOU want
to be happy!
If you leave to dream for yourself, to strive for something yourself,
then you will be lived by others!
than others will tell you what to do or leave! Others then want your help and manpower to live their dream, but often without paying attention to YOUR ideas and YOUR condition or need!
if you like it and it fits your ideas,
then it’s good to create something together!
but when you’re surrounded by dream destroyers,
energy vampires and smart-arse or also by egoists,
then they’re going to spend an incredible amount of time to prevent YOU
from LIVING your dreams,
to find your LIVING ideas,
to achieve and to DO that,
what YOU want!
I’m unfortunately forced and prevented here
throughout my entire life!
that is part of this blatant „upside-down Kundalini process“,
which is here in reversed manner.
started with massive migraines (headaches), massive depression and massive pains all over the body in 1994 and since then breaking through all chakras by force and compelling to solve and relieve the related issues and traumas!
I have mandated and paid various healers, shamans, energy healers to help me, but I found that often more „death“ should be loaded on me, which I then decided to leave
to protect myself! because .. I am responsible for ME!
throughout my life I have found that healing methods that were completely right for others brought me out of balance and made me extremely ill.
through my „being so different“ I also found „the language of the soul“, shamanic knowledge about what symptoms want to tell us! and that’s great!
school medicine only treats the symptom without being interested in the cause of the symptoms!
what I found and what I KNOW
that it is RIGHT
is my ROOTING over my HEART!
I AM heart strength .. I am „I AM“!
I am…
also for the „price“ of walking alone,
also for the „price“ to be a solitaire!
also for the “price” of being DIFFERENT in the world!
also for the „price“, because of my „being different“
to be mocked, unheard, to remain unseen and to be abandoned!
I am Love..
I am here and have already had my entire life
freed my SELF !
I am a self-healer :)
I’m here!
imperturbable in my BEING!
even against the heaviest obstacles!
even against the greatest constraint!
I am..
that is enough!
I was always an INNOCENT CHILD
and I was always an OLD SOUL
and I’m rooted in universal LOVE
and I AM a TREE
and a HUMAN …!
to our HUMAN being in OPEN heart consciousness
we have to make a DECISION !
How do you decide?
Do you want to be fear
or do you want to be LOVE?
FIND your “unconditional love” for YOURSELF!
as well as your knowledge of where you are ROOTED,
the aggressors in your life,
the hindrances in your life,
the „death“ and the traumas, symptoms, diseases in your life!
Kind regards – ForestSoul WaldSeele, tree shaman since 1994
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11 p.m. on June 14, 2020
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