Welcome traveller,

my spiritual name is „WaldSeele“ – „Forest Soul“ – be called by the spirits.

a serious disease helped me to find profound knowledge to organ language, trauma solution and the „language of the Soul“

nature helps us to cure us ourselves!

my work was and is to release trauma for all of creation!
collective trauma!
this I did since 2016 in very hard ways – but necessary – from the “big bang” till today, especially with focus on misuse, f.e. withdrawal of children from indigenous cultures and erasement in many cultures, also the german culture, geological history of Earth and history of humankind and much more other themes. the last 25 years I release trauma too, I describe it below. all this work I did and do on my own,
only with the help of spiritual helpers and universal Love = creator!

my unique ability is to listen with undivided attention and love and to live spirituality in my every day life. Many people I accompanied in their processes said, they like and love my calm kind of being and feel good in my presence and they say, they like my kind to let things come out of the present moment – free from scheduling.

In the last 25 years I learned from spirit teachers like trees, nature, Mother Earth and all elements and I released much trauma (psychic injury) during my life time for me, for nature, for my ancestors and for past lives for me.

I accompanied both my parents in their dying processes (1990 and 2013).

I visited also my aunt as she was already in coma in 2007, she pressed my hand (in coma!) as I arrived after a long drive hundreds of kilometres, some hours later she passed away 

the truly sudden death of my brother in 2010 gave the question to me, what death is and two neardeath experiences of my mother in her age of 87 opened new stages of understanding to me.

I had always my open ear and my undivided attention to all people needing my help with depression, with shattering diagnosis, with misuse, with suicide, with addiction (and much more) and I always had suggestions to the point for them to find new perspectives and new solutions. Most I found the last 25 years out of my own really hard lifetime story and many insights were given to me by the spirit world.
I helped animals, plants, trees and flowers, humans, Mother Earth, Nature, Grandmother Water and all needing help.

As I visited in September 2018 the movie „Wiedergeburt“
(Reincarnation) I looked in some books on a table. I opened in all these books those sites explaining to me experiences of the last two years in my life with my hard work to release collective trauma. this was really touching!

so I walked my life and past lives in meeting millions of situations, experiences, humans, themes, challenges had to do with death.

NOW I am here alive! all these were initiations to become the one I am now, the woman, the human being, the Shaman – all this was work to become who I am now and to EMPOWER me in my abilites to help others in unconditional service.

I am happy to be part with my work for

freeing the „sacred feminine“ – freeing of the sacred water 
and the „sacred masculine“ – freeing of self empowerment 
and the „sacred child“ ♥  freeing „Jesus Consciousness“ IN ourselves
GOLDEN consciousness!

8. Oct 2018

read more about my way to become „she who is seeing in the dark“! welcome..

all these experiences, the massive pain (I describe below), years of depression and aloneness and my differentness as an undetected Asperger Autist with highly high sensitive perception brought me really NEAR to the trees, the plants, the flowers, the animals, to Nature, IN nature ~ in all her beautiful wonders and facettes ♥

a serious disease began in 1994~
I experience/d really hard pain all over the body, head and deep depression ~ this gave me the chance to become aware in all these years till now and find healing.

24 y ago I felt I want(ed) to learn the language of my soul
and with this came healing to me  

the causes for this disease are grounded in a really hard life since childhood I talk about f.e. in my podcasts, when I give advice to others (in short examples for encouragement for self healing!) and in my one-on-one workshops. my walk through dark valleys and hard pain for decades gave to me deep insights at the same time with suffering.

this crossing my wounded psyche teached me „seeing in the Dark“ and „listening to the silence„!
I understand this disease as shamanic disease – I am a WOUNDED HEALER!

my experiences and insights I feel as really precious and I give support from this to others and also helping Mother Earth.

here at my blog I speak in many podcasts in german language, where I show NEW perspectives how to learn to find positive ways to live out of trauma!

I understand „healing“ as „return to the wholeness of my soul“!
this disease is still with me but in the past I learned to live with more quality with it and find the interpretation of the symptoms – „the language of my soul“

and it´s amazing how one could help themself with the understanding of
what symptoms like to tell us!

I tell others about it and about the chances
to get around expensive and body stressing therapies with chemical substancies
through the interest in oneself and through self knowledge and self understanding
what our soul want to let us know via our body

so I help/ed people, animals, Mother Earth and others with my unique way of shamanic and energetic work, with my understanding and healing power as a highly sensitive tutor in these processes.

in personal contact I sense in the one needing helf and I communicate with the spirits, with what symptoms and challenges this one and Mother Earth is engaging with, in conscious or in subconscious ways.

wood, trees, Mother Nature Rotbucheand Soul taught me!

I am..
tree shaman
soul whisperer for humans, animals and EARTH

medicine woman

I am –

she who’s seeing in the dark!

interpreting signs,
shamanic energetic tree woman

I show NEW perspectives for

encouragement to self being
self healing, I am mentor
nature meditation, sharpen the senses,
appreciate the moment,
to be whole, language of our soul,
spiritual joy, psychosomatic

I am Forest Soul

artist of life – highly sensitive
nature photography


I appreciate and emphasize let something arise out of the moment without limiting by planning. also invite others because the authentic dedication to the moment hold great magic. in such moments I experienced many mystical experientials. it´s about dedication, mental openness and LOVE for the moment and the power of BEING

out of constructive and creative engagement of my own life experiences with 24 years of chronic pain disorder, I give shamanic advice, also for other crises like to learn handle illness, joblessness, grief and other challenges in life.

I get signs and hints from the spirits, these I also give to others in conversations. these signs fitted for the other person to 90% never thought before and open suddenly a NEW perspective to the challenges of life.

For decades I met many people who could not or did not wanted describe their questions to their life challenges, but this was okay, the questions came although :)
I am listener with undivided attention. Everything happens out and fluently from the MOMENT.
Even if you explicitly DON’T ask your question, concrete answers find themselves in the conversations or also at walks in nature.

In conversations I open new points of view. these gave and give „suddenly“ a NEW view/perspective to life and its challenges.

The living SOUL ALWAYS communicates with us! because EVERYTHING is of SOUL, enliven!

the complete living creation is enliven and therefore helps nature and being together in undivided attention to find answers.

I have spent most time of my life alone and with this I refined my levels of perception. the causes for this were heavy traumatizations and the wish to be safe!

my highly sensitivity and unrecognized Asperger and the psychic injuries and consequences out of this has developed into my most valuable shamanic-energetic tool through the decades, I was born in 1968.

As I found out to be a highly sensitive person in 2007 and in 2017 to be unrecognized Asperger, it took great pressure away from me to know there are other people knowing this and there are books about this. Before I feel like someone being totally different from “all” people. my quality of life ascend by this knowledge.

So the primary burden of my highly sensitive as unrecognized Asperger became the most important tool of my work in a world where most people see the world from the “common” level which is described as „normal“! Also my unusual themes I am interested in, help me with my work for others to be the human being and the mentor for releasing trauma I am now!

ecopsychology, trans-personal psychology,
psychosynthesis, religions of the world cultures, neuroscience,
medicine, peoples & music of the world
as well as research of consciousness (free of psycho-active substances!)
Shamanism in diversity around the world

I LIVE spirituality in my everyday life! It makes authentically to bring all levels of my life in balance. to be genuine free!

Authenticity arises from self-esteem and self value and it is important to accept and love ourselves all what we carry with us! If we learn to love ourselves and to stand strong in this knowing and loving, new potential is rising!

I stayed alone in nature for many lessons over years! when I was diagnosed at 1994 with the serious pain disease, I wanted to find a unique way for me to live positive with this disease and decided, I want to learn understanding the „language of the soul“. So I worked for myself and alone my abilites and skills for decades in nature only with spirit helpers with which I help others in their processes and show new perspectives.

There where our biggest wound is,
our greatest potential is hidden.

I help in the deeply open minded conversation to meet you yourself and to find NEW views to your Life. I show impulses new to you, given by my spirit helpers to you and to change your perception to find self acceptance and worth in your live experiences. this is life changing.

for me is really important to BE with the one needing help!
Free of stress, free of anticipations, free of time pressure!

FREE! ~ developing yourself from the moment genuinely as a calm river flowing.

this is the west teaches us to be quiet and to listen and to say what would already like to be said for a long time. the west which helps us open. this which gives us no end of trouble and takes vitality and prevents quality of life to take expression freely !

the other directions AND elements are also very important in our living process as well as in our processes of liberation! all what we carry with us then opens up from the traumatizations if we find an individual way of understanding for us, ourselves WITH all this (often since generations unrecognized),

(which happened to every human being, I found).

resulting from the restrictions of life quality, we learn to understand an extended perception of our unique life experiences and we learn to understand what makes us unlively and from we (can) create new liveliness!

I work at present for workshops about this.
below you have the possibility to subscribe! Thanks


it´s up to us to engage with our own life experiences, to look who we are and to work to cure our shadows and bring us and our soul back to the whole. Shadows mean our unsaved emotional themes, traumas, pieces of our soul we are abnegating or which are burding us. If we re-integrate those in wholistic way back IN us, we come back to our inner wholeness and with this we feel better and with this self healing also our environment and experiences change.
this OUR wholeness have effect on Mother Earth 

the last 25 y. I was engaged with many interesting themes like eco psychology,  psychosynthesis, transpersonal psychology, spirituality of the world cultures, neuroscience & research, medicine, peoples from all over the world, research of consciousness (free from psychoactive substancies, out of my authentically being!)

more than 25 y I worked in public health sector, also self emploied, where I get in contact with really interesting themes from science & medicine.

1990 I finished my professional training at a clinic for newborns and premature infants.

I live in a really beautiful area with lots of wood, between the rivers Main and Kinzig in the middle of Germany.
when I am out I get always signs to describe and interprete situations and finding help.

I accompanied my father (1990), my aunt in 2007, my mother (2013) in their dying processes.
The truly sudden death of my brother (2010) and two near-death-experiences of my mother and my own gave the question to me, what death is.
I met many people (and animals) who had to deal with death ~
I accompanied them all.

For ten years (2000-2010) I lived absented from people and doing elemental work (without having this term for it) out in the forest and nature. Trees and Mother EARTH were my teachers.
I learned to sharpen my senses and I learned very much in this context.
all this brought cure to me, step by step I come back to wholeness.

I´m interested in the little things, little pleasures of life, and the „magic of the moment“
unseen by most people because of their missing ability to calm down and sit still in awareness of the precious moment.

(if you like to contact, please regard,
I also need sometimes silence and space for me alone,

so it could take some days before I answer to you!)

me personally I demand and promote (encourage) authenticity because I KNOW it brings healing and health and help to find an authentically life and to find real friends who love our personal originality!
and with this come deep inner happiness and health!

with this we become able to LOVE ourself with all our „tics and edges“, with all we ARE, with all our POTENCY and weakness ~ with all we ARE like we are ~ to love ourselves WHOLE!

from this state of consciousness we learn to let others BE, how they are ~ without feeling threatened ~ we learn to let THEIR opinions, without disclaiming our own!

this is FREEDOM!

all of us are able for cultivating peace INside us in every NOW!

in this way we find the power, the strength and the COURAGE, to bring our own talents & potency to this world! .. because these are important and these are right!.. it´s up to us!..
we need the LIGHT of each of us in our own authentically being!

this is diversity !.. this brings healing to the world and enrich ~ inside and outside!
the PEACE inside beam and proceed to the outside

as we are free and open minded to connect with others from all over the world to BE in our personal wealth and interested in authentically deeply touching exchange ~ with this come HEALING for all in communion
and healing for our Mother EARTH with inner peace and trust
to the helping forces of nature 

I am happy with this!

and I like to invite you, dear reader, to work for yourself to free yourself
to a more authentically life, with more wealth and more happiness ~ and more energy!

in changing our consciousness,
in being aware that we are much more than we think to be..

and in understanding that separation is illusion
and we are always connected with all around and „all that is“..

in understanding there is always help for us..

and that we grow through trust and self love..

that our energy is changing
.. not only by having more power

.. especially by changing the energetic level of our bodies

by heightening our consciousness to bring healing to our soul !
.. and with this healing to our bodies!

and with this healing to our Mother EARTH! and to the external

when we begin to touch others with our own LIGHT free of reservation,
they also find courage to be themselves with all they are ~
in self love
and with this in unconditional love for „all that is“..

.. for every person, for every animal, for every plant, stone, element and being we meet
~ in all is soul, in all is SPIRIT.. saturated and fulfilled

welcome LIFE ~ welcome HEALING

I welcome every one who is interested to meet me with open mind ~ I know there is also communication without speaking the same language :)

I know, all is about energy and awareness
to nature and people in their uniqueness!
self love and self-respect which enables us to love ourselves

and empowering us to respect and value
the whole creation in vibrancy
of the diversity of „ALL that is“.

(if you like to contact, please regard, I also need sometimes silence and space for me alone,
so it could take some days before I answer to you!)

this my way
is a way of slowing-down,

of silence and listening,
of appreciating and caring
with the omnipresent soul of nature

and its spirits & beings
so full of beneficial and healing wealth

it need to calm down, open your mind, let yourself in
and with this the great potential opens up

with all the possibilities to engage with
in creative and enjoying, intuitive and authentic being :)

with that „running in speed“
the soul gets lost and the beauty of nature

is missed and overlooked

only the inner calming~down
& the contemplation with the little pleasures

open up heart & soul
and give great healing and silence to the soul

I am Shaman
of the LOVE of lively Jesus



cultivating peace inside! each is responsible! NOW!
⇒  you yourself are essential to this world – insistent message
from Chief Arvol Looking Horse


nature photography


© for text, film & photo
by WaldSeele Lebensfarben

all rights reserved!


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