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Many want to be „normal
– I want to „be myself“ and be FREE and LIVE real
(out of this real hard life I describe below!)

and even this is what EVERY human has to learn in these ascent years NOW in the changing world age and to understand and learn –

  • Self-love, authenticity,
  • own potential found from our own difficult life experiences
  • arrive at ourselves and get to with all that prevented us to LOVE!
  • free our „inner child“!
  • to be in confidence with our true perception!
  • speak and live our truth – even against the resistance of different-Thinking
  • FEEL life and live FEELINGS
  • just BE
  • find our identity WITH symptoms, diagnoses and restrictions!
  • take up our space!
  • wanting to take responsibility !
  • because we are sooooo much more than what we are prevented by!

It was and is in those years NOW –
but since about a decade –
to concrete and accelerated rise of awareness
on ALL People GLOBAL

In 2020 will come together again what was separated for thousands of years.

In my shamanic work I have been working for 26 years in total, but especially in the last about three years and nine month of intensive study of the effects of „separation“ and parting as well as isolation and illness, including in society.

The communication between men and women and communication at all was difficult.
I noticed in the last 10 years that many people „fought“ and that mental injuries and the presence-being of mind and soul were negated to the compulsive maintaining the so-called „normality“ and „illusion“ that facade, the mask and the self-imposed quest for power and youth to „any price“!
Also the lack of environmental awareness in the past can be read as far away from understanding how many are/were, that soul and psyche is connected to nature and that ALL is RELATED!

NOW we are in the era where the feminine take center.
In us all, global – of course Mother EARTH and nature.

It is about the liberation of the water,
the liberation of the maternal,
the mother – life in circles, 
the gentle, smoothly, of giving, of freedom, of flowing,
of slowness,
of tenderness, of care, of the „inner child“,

love for ourselves and humanity, self-empowerment,
responsibility for ourselves and what we do or undo,
the liberation of EARTH
– so as to liberate the „feminine principle“

in ALL people, whether man or woman!
because everyone carries BOTH principles in itself!

in this new balance also the male principle come to balance again!

Of course this is even more complex,
as I now describe it!

Around the world MANY energy healer,
healers and shamans
are working at the rise of awareness and ascension!

old knowlegde in the new consciousness is and has already been released in recent years by indigenous cultures, so it is preserved in the world –
because the elders of the indigenous peoples know, it is sacred knowledge which must be preserved in the world,
given responsibly in CONSCIOUS hands!


stilles Leben – silent life

I already am my entire life „different“ in the world, so to speak, „upside down“ and that’s what I consistently experienced since the beginning of my life with all the pain and resistors that have been imposed upon me by and imposed – I am absolutely „different“ in the world in many ways, including, for example, reduced consumption, regulations and also because I strive to try to solve mental injuries and look at myself (or the help-seekers), what gives and gave pain to me (trigger) or the other or the landscape and want to find a solution, a release. I do this with and for me and for others and for Mother Earth and all living creation!

I was born in 1968 in the „moon of budding trees“ which fits perfectly with my deep emotional connection to trees, which were and are my teachers for several decades. In general I learned basically everything that helped me to overcome the life experiences of this life and all previous ones that hindered me with the reference to nature in common and my own interpretation of the sighns that ALWAYS surround me (and all of us).

I have worked out my own ways of being and acting as a Shaman through the very hard life that lies behind me. In 1994 a severe painful disease of the entire body began, with accompanying depression and migraines, which initially lasted for one and a half years at a stretch around the clock. I had my own way with it and gradually (in the time of 26 years) I learned to be more constructive with it and even “learn” from it! I wanted to learn “the language of my soul” and this is what I have done in 26 years until today in early 2020.

I have learned a lot in dealing with the disease, which has helped me to find my own CONSTRUCTIVE ways and to pass them on to others f.e. in dealing with illness and crisis and our own understanding of life with illness, strokes of fate and depression but also with many other things, and thus in overcoming traumatic experiences!

My presence open up something in humans and animals so that traumatising things can be talked about which in turn releases symptoms! I am talking about it f.e. in interviews and podcasts.

it is really important to „BE“ there with each other, taking time for each other and being open-minded to give and share un-divided attention which nowadays seems to be a “revolutionary act”!

Even when I am meeting animals I am ALL there in the moment far away from the distractions of the so called “every day life”, I get involved fully with my counterpart, be it an animal, human being, a landscape, a flower, plant or tree.

I am especially connected to Grandmother Water and Air and to Mother Earth, because in the earth the seeds ripen, dream until their time has come to germinate and I also understand Mother Earth as the WARM GENTLE, whose colours I perceive warm-rose-purple-orange and I know that she likes to be the belly in which LIFE ripens and blooms. This LIFE is HERE.. it’s the LIGHT of “loving divine Consciousness”!

Grandma Water I often sing songs on my forays through nature. For every tree that is felled I had/have a prayer ready and I thank him and her for their being and for what we (can) learn from them. So also for every landscape, lake and river and for every herb and flower that shows itself to us and wants to help us with this “pay attention to yourself”, what we can do for ourselves now or what we should pay attention to in order to become/ be healthier and more whole.

I have also accompanied some people in their dying process, my parents both (in 1990 and in 2013) – even decades ago when I was still completely unaware of the abilities I have in my life now. The early and sudden death of my brother (*1950-2010) as well as several near-death-experiences of my mother in old age gave me the question what dying was and is. Getting these informations first hand has always touched me deeply. My dear aunt, identical twin sister of my mother (*1921-2007) squeezed my hand IN COMA, when I brought her sister to her. My Mother lived until 2013, became 92 years old, my father lived from 1908 ! till 1990, became 82 years old.

he was already 60 years old when I was born and both were very protected in their lives during the world wars, for which I am very grateful! I have accompanied many living beings in their dying processes. I have been able to help many people who found themselves in dangerous, live-threatening situations or who were ill, through my open ear, my listening and my willingness to listen and so in helping them to change their perspectives together with them in conversation and thus to find new solutions, to learn to look at their life experiences with different eyes and to recover from them. I have sung their songs for many people and animals, trees, landscapes and situations, so that people could recover or be protected on their way in dying transitions to other dimensions.

I am very grateful that I have been given the ability to accompany these processes as well as grief proecesses and process work to overcome trauma. Behind me lies a very stressfull “journey” through the last three and a half years, during which I have gained profound insight. It was a kind of “heroic journey” and “dark night of the soul” in which I was very ill and massively challenged to expand my shamanic knowlegde and actions and to creatively work on new ones in order to solve very difficult challenges and to recover from them in the life themes imposed on me and to become WHOLE and BEing! I am here to BE LOVE!  I always knew that and I always am! since the beginning of time!

So I am an “old soul”! Sometimes we experience very painful times to find new solutions and to learn to act OTHER than we knew before or to learn to act OTHER than we learned from our well-meaning relatives, friends etc. in the past. They gave us their sages in the best knowledge and conscience of knowing that we are protected, but each of us is here to find and live our own ways, each of us has our own challenges to overcome and therefore each of us must find our own ways to live and BE our own ways. In this diversity and especially in the respect and appreciation of these “own ways” lies the great potential of LIFE!

In my very difficult life I always stood „differently“ in the world, hardly belonged to this or that group, which used to be very difficult and so I spent many years of my life alone. In addition, I was an unrecognised Asperger autist with a STRONGLY increased perception of the world and “my own way” of understanding and feeling, which caused everyone around me constantly critise and devalue what I perceived as “wrongly” and to call for me to finally be “normal”, which was – and is – the “wrong” thing to me!

However, they lacked this heightened perception of what they were too “jaded” or “too grown up” for, partly due to their everyday life or traumatizations. This was very difficult back then, until in 2007 I found the term “highly sensitive” and a book where I thought the author was describing ME when I read it – this took away a lot of “pressure” back then!

Each person stands in the world in his or her own way, because everyone has lived through different imprints, everyone has experienced different mental injuries, different social environment, different reference persons with different views of life, everyone therefore has a “different” reality that is different from that of other people. Each of us is here to learn others and to liberate other aspects of existence, of life through us!

One day I realized, I belong to the world of GreenPower! to the trees, to the nature of the GENTLE living beings, to the colours and scents and sounds of the LIVING nature ~ to the rabbits, little birds, to the gentle deer, to the chirping of the crickets in summer, to the rushing of the water in the little brooks and rivers, to the singing and beeping of the little birds. I belong to the trees, to the plants, to the “living creation of the loving Divine Consciousness” which is LOVE

I belong to the FLOWERS, into which i so gladly dive into my nature photography and especially intentionally admiring and marvelling at their tender BEAUTY

to remember the moment when I found them and sat with them, helped me in this difficult “heroic journey“/”dark night of the soul” for three and a half years to EARTH and ROOT myself…

… to be with me, to remember all the FINE, GENTLE, LOVE, the heart-opening, to all the LOVE that the fragrances, colours and sounds of nature give us, the tender gentle living beings, the light in the leaves of the trees in summer, the relaxed lying at the foot of the tree, the gentle light that envelops us, the chirping, the whisper of the wind in the numerous leaves of the different trees, the silence of the nature sounds, the happiness of the brook – all this gives sooo much LOVE ~ the ability to perceive these, we can learn, sitting and BEING in SILENCE  we can learn and that is what I offer…

this is and was what I have ALWAYS belonged to, but at that time I was forced to think that I was alone and separated, because I had suffered many heavy injuries. But this was a fallacy!


I belong ALWAYS,  since eternity and for eternity, to the living green power of the earth,, the life that always only wants to live – in the will to overcome all adversities and to do just that, just to LIVE!
no matter what life brings, no matter what obstacles and handicaps I/we have had to face in life, no matter what illness or life circumstances have hindered me.

I AM… LIFE, with the only will to live
and I LIVE ~ yes :) I am here!

thanks to my innate ability, to be LOVE, to be LIFE, my ability to BE…

my free will enables me – and everyone else, of course, as well –


so it is important to KNOW where we are ROOTed!

exactly this makes the “little fine” difference! With this I want to express, that, despite the fact that my very difficult life was interspersed with handicaps and illness(s), I DECIDED to WANT to LIVE!

the last three and a half years have been a really tough process,
but my WILL, my clear WILL to live, have helped me to LIVE!

In it I am imperturbable and this is my ability to BE!
Shaman of Universal LOVE, Shaman of the “loving Divine Consciousness”!

I speak truth and reject lies, irony is me incomprehensible, that is, I understand literally and answer „real“ as I am, without wearing masks. I answer out of the findings and insights of my life experience that I look at with psychotherapy and shamanic energy processes very hard work- so I could help many people in the last 20 years as a „way shower“! I live this.

Behind me is a very hard life, in particular, the past three and a half years from September 2016 to 2019 were VERY hard and I was limited in critical condition and almost always very ill and my life in real danger many times.

My knowledge of my roots in the universal LOVE the „loving divine consciousness“ helped me to live and survive!!

and in all that time I did and do my shamanic work FOR the benefit of all – that is what I came here – the inherent potential.

Through the valuable work of a shaman and the loveful help of energy healers, I felt much better and my health rise again!

Since autumn 2016 there was an extreme dominant sensory overload and massive pain and poor immune system – this I suffered continuously since the beginning of the severe pain disease of the whole body in 1994 with major depression, massive body aches, back and forth jumping locality over the entire body distributed, solid migraine and massive overstimulation, allergies, hypersensitivities many species. The massive pain opened other levels of consciousness and I found my own ways to deal constructively with pain and discovered the POWER of our CONSCIOUSNESS !

Also I found out in 2017 that I was an „unrecognized Asperger’s autistic“, which helped me to understand my behind me lying massively impaired life with thousands of emotional and physical injuries!

I heard from some people that it was better to keep silent about this,

but I learned to enjoy it including appreciate this highly sensitive true perception to develop that will help me to take nature and soul as deep and TRUE with all senses  and make my beautiful nature photographs.

I see it as a talent, as a gift, and I love me from the heart WITH ALL who I AM, with ALL that lies behind me, and with ALL, for which I have collected and found my self-understanding over the decades !

Even within my shamanic training, in which I was trained over 26 years only by trees and Spirits, nature, animals, landscapes and „universal love“ as well as pain and solitude, soul and psyche, shadow and light, I was interested already extensively in world cultures and world religions and busy with brain science, sociology, psychology, philosophy, research of consciousness, transpersonal psychology and cosmology.

Ten years I lived away from humans (2000-2010), in this time I was working with the elements in forest and nature and learned from trees, I sharp my senses and learned mindful to be transparent to the voices of nature. All this contributed in total to my healing process – I got bit by bit back to my wholeness.

I’m interested in the small unobserved „things“ along the way (in the photo at the right the white spider in a white blossom) and the magic of the moment, because they show – from the most people undiscovered in our accelerated time – the ability to be still, to BE unintentionally in nature and to look and listen silently for the wonder of LIFE in all its colors, fragrances, sounds, animals, peoples and people, plants, trees, blossoms of our beautiful Mother Earth in every new MOMENT.

I encourage others to be authentic in their very own individuality – in my experience just makes it healthier and helps to accept others in their authentic being, out of their own self-acceptance.

I sing songs for the landscape(s), for animals, people, trees, mother earth, elements – even for dying people!

few people are interested in what others FEEL deep inside!

The question „how are you?“ has degenerated into a motto and the answer is usually „good“ – the fewest ever want even KNOW how the other is !
I want to know how the other feels inside for real and I want to be in cover and relationship and want to share friendship with others in real interest and togetherness.

My ability is to listen with undivided attention and my presence opens something,
so heavy, painful in the near or distant past can be pronounced and thereby solve symptoms!

I enjoyed writing for help and spent many days and nights in summer and winter alone in nature and learned!
VERY intense, I also learned from decades of being alone and alone-by hiking deep dark valleys. 10 years I lived self-determined off of people.

Every person looks and lives out of their own reality, which was formed by his own life experiences, thus causes their own views of the world, their  own imprints that own behaviors and understanding-wise.

That there are differences in understanding-ways, among other things, has to do with the experience of mental injury and in so doing that everyone  lived a different life (like in the previous sentence described).

to understand, that every person looks out and understand of their OWN reality helps very much to understand why communication in the past was often so difficult (of course, also in the whole world)
and why others are (very) different in their awareness and conception of the world.

This knowledge will help further a lot when we make ourselves AWARE!
It helps to be able to accept ourselves better and with this self-acceptance and self-esteem standing better grounded in the world and to be stronger in conflict situations!

in the center of our being we are whole and alive

I am working for more than 20 years with the question of how to overcome emotional injury because I have so many experienced (and so many met who had experienced such) and was so seriously ill, but also realized that I get better and healthier through insights and knowledge and self-esteem about my talents and strength !

Many symptoms and allergies, I have overcome.
I UNDERSTAND what the symptoms want to tell me, also about others!
In conventional medicine is so often only treats the symptom, and too often the causes are ignored!

Since 26 years I am interested with the context of addiction and trauma, and besides me many graduated trauma therapists understand trauma as CAUSE for addiction, but is being mentioned that very few of addiction affected people this relationship is known. In various approaches of graduated trauma therapy this understanding of trauma is the cause for addicition is the basic foundation to find new perspectives in dealing with addiction and trauma and to recover it.

The term „addiction“ here as well as substance-related addictions also as behaviors (=process-bound!)

I met many people affected by addiction (substance and process-bound)) over my life, and so I come to think about what could have something to do that fact with me? So I started to study this topic and search for causes.

Unfortunately, I have met many people who deny to have had traumatic experiences (but SHOW „addictive“ behavior or symptoms), although it is also very consistent with trauma therapist that EVERYONE in childhood or in later life had experienced mental injuries. Of course, there are big differences in the expression of traumatic experiences.

by wanting to understand the severe pain disorder, depression and migraine and other symptoms, as already mentioned above, I found  profound knowledge about Psychosomatics/organ language!


I am sign-interpreter.. interpreting ..
also for others ..

  • what animal messengers want to tell us,
  • what symptoms want to tell us (body language, psychosomatic)
  • what experiences and situations want to tell us,
  • what conflicts trying to tell us,
  • what world events trying to tell us
  • what triggers want to tell us,
  • what scenes that proceed in our social environment want to tell us
  • f.e. fall on the steps / from the circuit, car stuck in the field, woodpecker in the wall, terrain under excavated from raccoons, broken parts on the car, life stories, traumatic experiences, statements, meetings with plants, humans and animals, symptoms, pain, stomach inflammation, behaviors, flloral in scratchs of the wall, felled trees, and more


I am a „wounded healer “ –
founding out New Trails & insights from the profound wounding as well as very profound knowledge out of the many traumas in my life to live my Life in positive and creative ways to face life and its challenges in constructive ways!

Both my parents I accompanied in their dying processes (father in 1990 and mother in 2013).
When my mother’s identical twin sister in very old age of 86 years was already in coma (2007),
I drove my mother for hundreds of kilometers to her at night (we were very related!) and my aunt press my hand IN COMA! – what I understand that I brought her beloved sister to her before a few hours later she left her physical body

the very unexpected death of my beloved brother in 2010 gave me the question of what is dying and two near-death experiences of my mother at the age of 87 and later opened new levels of understanding to me.
My two dogs and my cat I had to let go early.

As part of my shamanic work of the last three years since 2016 I solved particular trauma of the history of mankind, the Earth’s history, even suffered trauma in this life and past lives as well as the trauma and psychological injuries of my ancestors.

for many people and friends, acquaintances, having challenges with depression, grief, life-threatening diagnoses, with addiction, illness, suicide, abuse, I had and I always have my open ear and my undivided attention, as well as my spiritual helpers of the „universal love“ always just taken inspiration for them to broaden their perspective and to find new solutions. (continuously since 1992)

Through my own very hard life story I have found many insights, or have been given me a lot of very important informations!

I helped animals and plants, flowers and trees, people, landscapes, Mother Earth, water, ancestors, and for all who needed my help. So I walked through my life and my past life and met in thousands situations, animals, experiences, trees, people, issues that had to do with the dying and psychological injuries.

Out of this very heavy and hard life I found the greatest potential by my own intention to understand what trauma will tell us, what soul and psyche want to tell us, what heavy experiences trying to tell us.

In 1983 I began to interest in the question of what LOVE is and whether there were other ways of understanding other than the common definition. this was taken by many as peculiarly, but however, has helped me to be the one I AM now and to overcome disease and the continuous death processes, isolations and traumas in my life!

1996 I received from a naturopath important information to find the „universal love“. At that time I was still unknown what this meant!
and continuously through my life I received many major unforeseen SIGNS this regard.

Dealing with it as well as meditation, my forays into nature, my nature photography and the deep spiritual immersion in nature and forest by day and by night as well as finding my own creative approaches WITH illness has given me great help, to hold these harsh processes continuously through my life without being broken !

In this my intention I was and I am unswervingly!
I know I am rooted deep from my soul like a TREE 
in the universal love of „loving Divine Consciousness“

this knowledge of these rootedness
in this deeply sacred LOVE
encouraged me and empowered me
and kept me upright

in this massively heavy process in the last three years,
but also throughout the previous 23 years,
so in the summary of 26 years till NOW in 2019

I am shaman of „universal love“



  • take life into our own hands
  • Utter things destructive and out of uttering grow to more health
  • giving potential to become from trauma as we ARE meant to be!
  • finding life and creative solutions out of abusive experiences
  • salutary value of mindful listening to the life stories of others
  • Asperger’s Autism
  • be happy
  • focus, mindfulness
  • experiencing wealth
  • success and wealth are independent of money!
  • awareness, independence, self
  • boundaries, trust, love, healing
  • God, Jesus, happiness, self-love
  • changing perspectives
  • find new creative ways for our lives
  • learn to handle with heavy and depression
  • self understanding & insight
  • discover wealth
  • learn new courage to be alone
  • everything is connected!
  • be happy!

    colors of Life
  • life quality
  • attentiveness
  • Self-empowerment!
  • NEW confidence, inspiration
  • changing perspectives, creativity, courage makers
  • visualize,
  • Slowing!
  • Psychosomatics, body language
  • Self-image, vitality, impetus toward expansion
  • contemplation
  • NOW!
  • self-expression
  • regardful attentive self-care
  • HOW to get out of the rat race?
  • what psychological injuries cause our subconscious to disease and what we ourselves FOR ourselves can do to be aware and thereby help ourselves
  • against forgetting!
  • criticism of the consumer society
  • self-responsibility.
  • survival strategies out of trauma
  • power of words
  • cure
  • I let time together – listening, everything is born out of the moment 
  • healing encounters in attentiveness and care
  • energetic healing through being present
  • forgotten children
  • inner child
  • self-responsible change in the quality of life by wanting to understand the soul/psyche
  • understand symptoms
  • resonance.  awareness. relationships.
  • mindful energetic affection heals
  • transformation
  • moment
  • Decisions!
  • failing to become as we are meant to be!
  • seach for help
  • speak out about our interests, wounds and world views.
  • authenticity
  • self decide to rest!
  • visualize
  • focus, mindfulness
  • set limits!
  • trust, love, responsibility and personal responsibility
  • Selfhood, wholeness, soul
  • return to slowness, feedback,
  • Spirituality, Mindfulness, Zen
  • true perception with all our senses
  • consultation
  • energy work
  • being self, communication
  • return to our own wholeness
  • suggestions for self-realization and thus healing
  • joy, realness, self-acceptance, together with others = Diversity!
  • there is „one“ truth?
  • Psychology
  • nature photography

what we now March 2020 can learn from this virus-situation!
– a shamanic sociological view!

walk the path of the heart! – unflinching! – even against the greatest resistance!

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