walk the path of the heart – unflinching! even against the greatest resistance!

we must EXIT from the way of the ego, from aggression, from the darkness of the division of society.
🌈 it is now for ALL to walk the path of the HEART, to find it again! ~ but how can ALL find this path?! ~ by individuals all over the world and we „many“ all over the world who KNOW it, follow this path unflinching! even against the greatest resistance !

inflicted on me for almost four years now – and for a total of 27/53 years ~

it is a MIRACLE that I am still alive at all! ♥

i am alive because i have
and each of us can do that!

I beg you to make your DECISION
to LIVE consciously and intentionally!


Let us continue on our path of LOVE and FREEDOM

KNOWING about the POWER and the force of universal love
and the POWER of FREEDOM!

Knowing the POWER and the force of HEALTH
and JUSTICE for ALL people(s) !

knowing the power and the force of PEACE!

let us look after our focus of attention!

let’s see and hear the beauty! – take TRUE!

let us notice and appreciate the SPRING, the NATURE!

we want to let OUR LIGHT shine and glow!
OPEN and CONNECT our heart and soul!

with this CONNECTION we overcome
the separation of ego and triggers and the virus!

BE unflinching!

LOVE undeviatingly!

GIVE unflinchingly!

be unswervingly in PEACE!

unbreakable speak our truth FOR LIFE
and thereby strengthen others!

raise others upright!

HELP others!

UNFLINCHING! ~ unbreakable!

even if the burden that lies upon us
is (almost) unbearable!

let us REMIND what keeps us up INSIDE
when everything on the outside falls away!

We KNOW already, we ARE love
and WANT to live in PEACE and HEALTH!


let us live this our WANTED LIFE!

let us show this our WILL!

let this our cheerful brightness
flow lively and joyfully into the outside!


let us be love where there is aggression!

let us be love where there is hatred!

let us be love where there is sickness!

let us be love and light where it is dark!

let us join hands with our fellow human being!

let us enCOURAGE others!

let us be unswervingly!

let us be love unflinching!

let us pay attention to our focus!

let us respect our fellow human beings!

let’s take CARE of ourselves!

let us RESPECT nature and animals, trees and plants!

let us respect DIVERSITY!

let us make LOVE the focus of our being!

let us LOVE!

let us live!

let us BE our WILL for our wanted LIFE!

let us be PEACE!

let us flow FREEDOM FROM within!

let us radiate PEACE,
Joy and happiness out of ourselves!

let us be SUN!

let us ourselves BE the sun!

let us ourselves BE LIGHT in the darkness!

let us ourselves be LIGHT –  undeviatingly and unbreakable!

let us embody LIFE!

let us embody the togetherness!

let us embody LOVE!

even in times of fear!

even in times of trouble!

even in times of the virus!

even in times of grief and loss!

let us be UNITED in our hearts!

let us be united in the heart with one another!

let us be united in the heart with all people(s) !

let us be united in the heart with mother earth!

let us be in TRUST! – let us be trust!
let us thank! –


~~~ Let us be HUMAN  ! ~~~

We’re at a crossroads,
which way do you choose?

warm greetings – tree shaman ForestSoul 🌳🌈🤗

(c) ForestSoul.WaldSeele.net ~ all rights reserved!

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support, living SLOWLY!

PHOTO: © JohnHain at pixabay

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