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Shamanism regards everything as „soul“ and I understand “soul” as UNIVERSAL LOVE, which of course also animates nature, the primal force that protects us, inspires us and accompanies us lovingly.
I am a tree shaman 

All my life I stood “upside down” in the world, so to speak, and as a result I had “different” experiences and found “different” solutions than is the case in so-called “normality” and what was difficult in family, school and work.
Even the medicine that helps others made me sick.

Throughout my life I have had many traumatizing experiences, also because I was an unrecognized Asperger (till 2017) and unrecognized highly sensitive (till 2007). 

Because of this, I became very seriously ill in 1994 (severe pain all over my body, migraines, depression) and overcoming this „illness“ has since gradually made me the tree shaman I am today. 

But we also hear this from other people who are meant to be energy healers and shamans, because finding NEW solutions for difficult life experiences has „trained“ all of us and this is what creates our own individual ability to help people and helpers be as we are „meant“!

One can often read in the biographies which illnesses and dangers had to be overcome in order to become a shaman / healer / energetic healer.

For decades, through my own story, however, I also noticed through conversations with others that our respective potential, namely what we (can) liberate IN US and so pass on, has to do with the trauma we have suffered.
There is a saying: „Your greatest potential lies in the darkest cave that you fear.“

Since 1994 I have often enjoyed walking very slowly in the forest at night and sharpened my senses and perception in a “different” way than we know from everyday life. There were people who said: “Aren’t you afraid of being alone in the forest at night?” I have experienced MANY very wondrous things in the forest :) many, many SIGNS were given to me in order to be able to solve existing challenges and problems.

So I was given thousands of insights in everything I ever saw, observed, perceived, so I was given helpful signs by the dear Spirit allies – who vibrate with „universal love“ – ​​with helpful signs on how to understand that, what I often found it very difficult to understand at the time.

So I learned the „language of my soul“ and with this exploration I immersed myself more and more in the forests and nature, I learned about trees, animals and plants (but without consuming psychoactive substances! This is always important to me to point out!)

I dive/d deeply in the vibrations of nature, became more and more a PART of the forest. There were people who told me my hair and I looked like the roots of trees … at that time I lived VERY withdrawn.

So it often happened that I was not seen by people I met in the forest, even though I was wearing an orange T-shirt, for example. But their animals, dogs and horses, greeted me and looked me straight in the eye :)

Once I was on my bike in the forest and stood by a small brook directly across a man, who probably couldn’t see me. Such experiences were interesting, but also difficult to fathom what could be the reason for them. I continued to learn step by step, always in the moment, always from the NOW ..

More than 25 years ago I found the inspiration from an exhibition by the blind for the sighted “Dialogue in the Dark” to be very valuable. I discovered how pleasant and enriching it was to go walking alone in the forest at night and at home I let down all the shutters to cook a meal in the dark, to shower, to do the housework.

In all of this I discovered how many more senses we can use when we discover them and what help this gives in dealing with „illness“ and life crises and how we overcome the generally valid view of „powerlessness regarding illness“ with discovery can, since we find and have OTHER perceptions with many MORE senses than only with the so-called „common“ ones!

Training all of our senses helps us become stronger in life!

Trees, meadows, forest and nature have trained me – for decades I studied plants, trees, animals, what they wanted to say to me, flight of birds, starry skies, weather and geological history, dreams & visions, psychology, sociology, neurology ~ I am interested in eco-psychology, So how the area where we live affects us, but also how we humans affect the landscape in which we live, as well as the earth globally – and for many other topics.

In my posting ‚I am „she, who is seeing in the dark“ Life and Shaman being from the most difficult life experiences! – my potential and how I work and themes of my work‘ (url below!)  I describe many things in more detail, for example accompanying people and animals in dying and in their highly challenging life situations – how I interpret signs and what kind of signs are given to us, basically always, because everything around us is in vibration! ~ as well as what I could learn from years of walking alone through difficult living conditions and much more.

Through this sensitization I became even more sensitive and sensitive to the existing high sensitivity.

Over the decades I learned to get STRONG with it! because…

… it is very important to develop strong ROOTS in life , because like a tree stands strong in the wind and weighs itself elastically like a willow, for example, shows us what we need when storms and challenges arise – flexibility, swinging, staying elastic and at the same time looking for the element that we know nourishes us spiritually.

For me this is EARTH and fresh-WATER and air, blossoms, trees, colors, sounds, natural scents, sunshine, moving clouds, gentle wind, inner peace, sitting and being, enjoying nature, rain … and much more :)

The plants and trees create their nutrients through photosynthesis of the sunlight they have absorbed.

For us, trees convert carbon dioxide into oxygen , which IS part of the air we breathe and which we need to be nourished, to grow and to have air-space.

By ‚air-space‘ I mean having SPACE for our LIFE, „TAKING SPACE“ for us –
being able to TAKE space, but also to maintain and defend
our limits against others who transgress our limits …

BEING in peace and „find space“ or „TAKE space“ for creativity and staying in nature for meditation, silence and contemplation,
„let your mind wander „, have life force … …

I did my professional training (1987-90) in a clinic for newborns and premature babies, where the subject of “illness” and “dying” was already present. Throughout my life I have met many people who have had difficulties with life. and I had my open ear for everyone and I helped everyone to understand themselves better.

All in all, I worked in the health sector for more than 25 years – medical and scientific word processing, collaboration with many different doctors from many different disciplines in medicine and science.
It was there that I got to know the interesting field of brain research.

For decades I have been doing inner child” – work and all this and deliberately looking at myself with love, initially for a few years with the help of a very competent psychotherapist :) – later on on my own.

Unfortunately, our society has and is basically deliberately looking away from what was and is hurtful or where conflicts occur
and self-care and self-respect was and is mostly understood as egoism.

However, there is also a “healthy” egoism that is important to find, especially when deeply hurtful life experiences have been made. I write about it in more depth in ‚my whole life“ upside-down in the world – I am she who is seeing in the dark(url below)

– I advise through conversations and sometimes simply by „being there“ with dedicated undivided attention and help to find NEW perspectives ~ I help to find potential from traumatic life experiences and help to free the „inner child“. (I do the is german language, my mother tongue!)

My presence opens the process, people start talking on their own and everything flows by itself out of the moment.

People give many hints themselves by telling the story and there have even been people who deliberately kept their „problem“ to themselves and we still found a helpful answer, which changes the way to look at ourselves and life or the current problem and thus NEW solutions were found.

I love the GENTLE – the DELICATE, which in general
often receives little space in our lives.
and the moment, the NOW,
is really VERY important and healing

So I look at nature and recognize and photograph the “ little treasures by the wayside “ ~ sometimes I sit in the forest and meadow with flowers and animals and sing them songs 

(sometimes also with the sick and dying,
more about this in „my whole life „upside-down in the world“ (url below)

and very often through contemplation and appreciation of the moment and by looking at nature (but also in the city of everyday life) I get deeply valuable insights and deep spiritual insights that help me to overcome emotional injuries.

These also help those seeking help to change their own perspective and thus to find NEW solutions for crises and diseases in self-understanding ~

In my BLOG I write about the INSIGHTS, what is shown to me in the forest and meadow, about animal messengers, about signs, about world events from my shamanic perspective and of course about my life and what I could learn from it.

TREES and plants have shown me much what is to know,
how a person can deal (learn) with challenging life stories!


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