cultivating peace INside. each is responsible. NOW!

in these days, as many people lost their lives, and the fear is poked, it is to ourselves to provide, to raise our energy frequency! everybody has the responsibility for themselves and is called on for paying attention even to where the focus of the attenion lies and for it to provide, to lay the attention only in a few points on the world events and to work otherwise to cultivate and celebrate PEACE, LOVE and HEALING for everybody and everything.

it seems to us maybe strangely how one could celebrate peace and love while the world is shocked by such circumstances in the world as in the now. nevertheless NOW is this just more important!

The people are afraid and this fear and this feeling of helplessness is intensified if one argues too long and too intensively with the topical world events!

Of course, it is important to have an eye on it and to be informed!

however, it is contraindicated to give the full attention
to the grief, the fear, terror and catastrophes!

rather it is really important that we take also time for ourselves to settle down, make our head free from sorrow and fear!

Everybody with meditation experiences and shamanic knowledge now should work with discipline on its own internal calmness, should cultivate peace in the own inner being ~ this means, to nurture the seed in us, to care for the young  plant with love and to let it grow ~ and to let this inner peace and inner LOVE flow into the world to raise the level of frequencies, the level of consciousness which threatens to fall or has already dropped!

We, who worked already in shamanic practitioning know of the necessary to be deep rooted and grounded in our Mother Earth and we work FOR peace, healing and love for the world to the best for all of nature and creation and for all beings. we now are called on to work for the fact that the level of frequencies of fear are overcome and the frequencies are raised steadily oder held on a higher level!

Each of us is responsible for practising shamanic/ spiritual/ meditative regularly and to raise the level of consciousness primarily for ourselves, furthermore to help overcoming the hate, the fear and the terror around the world!

it need TRUST from each of us and the anchorage
in the deep knowledge
about the strength of LOVE!
we all can bring this into the world – together – if we DECIDE to do!

it’s about, to waste LESS of energy for fighting AGAINST something! because this “fighting against” brings energy by attention TO that, against what we are.

we know that -> “energy follows attention”!

it’s about working FOR love, FOR peace, FOR the interconnected tribes of the whole world in peacefully union.

we, as shamanic and energetic practitioners,
are able to DO this,
not only to talk about, but to really ACT !

if we take up this self controlled in our everyday existence, cultivate as well as celebrate this

and work regularly affectionately for raising the energy vibrations and the level of consciousness
of the people worldwide

if we give it with the strength of our heart in TRUST
and visualize how peaceful our world already is..

how love and healing for all beings happens in this world
~ we all change the world for the better!

out of this NOW!

so please, choose wise, where to give your attention to!

hold the vision ~ trust the process!

WE can change the world to the better!

Nothing can discourage you! continue!

on this occasion, it is equally valid in terms of “equally worth”,
of which religion or spirituality you feel accompanying!
now it’s a matter of strenghening the connection!

everybody can DO something! we have the FORCE!

don’t be unsettled by sceptics and destructive speculations!
it’s THEIR doubt and THEIR destructivity ~ it’s THEIR fear!

we can move the world ~ in the most true sense!
we ARE powerful!

it’s up to each of us to work selfcontrolled
and profoundly on it..

to work FOR the change of the world to the vision we have, of an worth living and lovingly life in WEALTH, spiritual abundance and cure for ALL beings of this world!

let’s do it together, as ONE

let’s take responsibility as an ANSWER
to the incidents of this NOW!

Each of us is powerful and important!

lets together illuminate the world!

and the LOVE may flow from each of us into the world

thus it may be!

we all are related! we are ONE family!


best regards to all of you, who are taken this responsibility
sincerely & with heartLIGHT

ForestSoul – WaldSeele

let us begin NOW ~ it’s never too late!


Mother Earth and all our spirit guides and ALL beings ~
if animal, if plant, mountain, rivers, trees, valleys, oceans,
clouds and humans of this world count on you and us!

just the simply acts made out of a pure and truly heart
are effective ~ please hold this in your mind!

it’s up to us all!

please SHARE this! ~ this information is really important!
as much people as possible should have these informations.
YOU can help for this! ~ thank you!

the GERMAN version of this text

would you like to know more about me and how a serious
disease make me the one I am now?

 (c) for text & photo
WaldSeele Lebensfarben


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