ForestSoul, tree shamanic energetic work since 1994

Tree-Shaman ForestSoul ~ my Initiation, shamanic work for deliverance of the „inner child“ (also collective) and my teachers

I was called to become a shaman in summer of 1994 due to extreme, constantly jumping back and forth inexplicable pain in the whole body and head and massive depression. There followed one and a half years of diagnostics with various shocking suspected diagnosises, which fortunately were all dismissed as ’inapplicable!
that is, the pain symptoms remained without ’organiccause and I was advised to submit to the pharmaceutical industry  I refused!

I started to do research on the causes of diseases on my own.
As I had already gained insight into the physiological (body function), neurological (brain and nervous system) and psychological (psyche) relationships of the body through my medical training, and this vocational training was carried out in the context of diagnostics of newborns and premature infants, the topic of dying was already an everyday topic.
Challenge and dying was present and had to be overcome, although I was still very young and inexperienced in dealing with it. Nevertheless, during the training I was already required to be of comfort to others, even though I had no training in itand this was NOT taught during the training.

I had to learn this through my life experiences ~ by the death of my parents, whom I accompanied in their death (father born 1908 in 1990, mother born 1921 in 2013), my brother (born 1950 in 2010), my aunt (born 1921 in 2007, identical twin of my mother), a very good friend in 2001 (30 years old), my animals in 1974, 1990, 2010. I also experienced many losses of friendships that happened for inexplicable reasons. I had to deal with a lot of suffering, renunciation, loss, death, poverty, sickness and loneliness (I will describe in more detail below!)

Throughout my entire life, I met only people who had to deal with death, whether within addiction, trauma or unredeemed emotional injuries, serious illnesses, crises, people who had to deal with grief and people who were shaken and literally oppressed = overwhelmed by depression and unredeemed causes. of suffering, cruelty and hardship  “post-traumatic stress disorder”, (but without knowing this term! neither them nor I!)

In my childhood/youth and beyond, I have experienced many physical and psychological assaults and border injuries. It is always difficult to express this concretely, because it makes  “triggers” in others who have either experienced similar things, or in people who are unwilling to deal with such issues at all, as well as in people who have suffered so much, that they are massively overwhelmed to deal with them (outside of therapy).

Unfortunately, the themes are still “there.”

If you deliberately and consciously deal with it, you can solve it. This is what I have been doing since 1994 ~ 24 hours 7 days a week – among other things with help for self-help, as described below!

A great deal of suffering, loss, hardship and powerlessness arose from these attacks and border injuries. Due to a lack of contact persons and a dysfunctional social and family environment, this resulted in massive depression with extreme pain. Even at school I was exposed to massive attacks, without knowing THAT and HOW to fend it!

Unfortunately, I also suffered a lot of harm with doctors/institutions, e.g. I had my teeth grinded without my permission, continued psychological threat with massive border crossings by the official doctor and so-called trusted doctors, Maltreatment in training institutions and workplaces.

My precious wisdom teeth were literally “robbed” from me – to remove them, three people (doctor + 2 medical assistants) pulled the pliers and three held my head, I was about 17 years young. It stressed me a lot and the dentist (relative) made fun of my shaking and my pallor and anxiety. Afterwards, I was sick for four weeks before the extraction of the next tooth was due and I was sick for about four weeks each time due to stress and anxiety. These were massively shocking events.

From a holistic dentist I learned about the spiritual aspect of wisdom teeth – they are the HEART teeth! – I will write about his valuable work in an extra post soon.

At school, a classmate strangled me and only stopped when my best friend at the time, who had a brown belt in karate, told him to let go and when he didn’t, she beat him!

At school I was often pushed, so I fell as a child and unfortunately always hit my head. In gym class, I was thrown on the head with big balls every time. Even in class, I was humiliated.
On the way home, I was hunted and threatened, but when I came home, I was slapped in the face and punished, and had to go to bed without food and drink, without anyone asking for me.

Most of the time at that time I was alone – because I was also beaten by so-called “friends” / classmates, my homework was taken away from me to write it off, but not returned afterwards.

I was regularly hit on the head with the clogs by a classmate who I felt was “good” at first, if I didn’t do what she wanted! and that was often the case.

I also experienced these physical-psychological assaults at home when I behaved differently than I should have. Saying my own opinion was impossible, because everyone else found THEIR opinion to be the only right one, even if their opinion – as you can read here – was life-threatening for me!

I was forced to play the piano, there was not a day on which I could play peacefully with the neighboring children. As soon as such a “game” started, I was summoned up and had to “play” by order!

If I didn’t hit the tone correctly, I got blows in the face and on the head and was asked what there was to “cry” again and I should grow a “thicker” coat, I have to stop being so sensitive.

“Sensitive” was wrong in the view of my social environment, my guardians and my siblings. “Sensitive” had to be eradicated!

If you are highly sensitive, you perceive the world with far fewer filters, which means that all the stimulus, everything you experience is many times more INTENSIVE than to people who have more filters in them. There are things they can hide.

As a highly sensitive person, one perceives all sounds equally loud, as well as all smells, as well as all sensory perceptions, etc. – these are thousands of “informations”  that are all perceived equally loudly and equally strongly – which triggers massive stress!

In addition, I had massive allergies, which were already an expression of these “stimulatory floods”, which I did not know at the time! 
THAT I have developed for myself in years of self-observation and observation/conversation with others and the understanding of psychosomatics myself. (Psyche = soul, Soma = body; thus soul expressing itself through the body)

The chance to “survive” was given when I made myself invisible, in order to escape the “negative” attention, in order to “escape” the mistreatment and the constant criticism, the screaming noise, the psycho-terror, the war.

Only, unfortunately, I did not could “get away. ” Because it was impossible to “escape“.
That was my social environment as a child, so I had to stay in and couldn’t “go away”!
I was at the mercy of that. Whoever experienced it knows how it feels. All this caused massive suffering. So far I have described here on the blog maybe 1% of it.

Unfortunately this is not all I experienced. There was MUCH more of mistreatment!

At that time, I could not find support and help from my legal guardians nor could I confide in a person of trust, because I did not know that one ’may‘ get help, that one may say stop/no, that one may defend oneself!
Later in life, I was surrounded by people who were deaf to me and I heard many times: “Don’t tell me about it!” or they left contact or only contacted me when I was supposed to be there ’for themas a listener.
so I was left alone with my experiences!

What has cured others has made me sick massively!   all my life I was upside-down in the world so-called “different”

The above experiences repeatedly produced “dismemberment” (a term from Shamanism) and I put myself together again and again through my life!
It was like throwing 3 puzzles of 50,000 pieces into the meadow and collecting the small pieces bit by bit to regenerate, to “reorganize” oneself again! and of these “dismemberments”
I experienced thousands.

it was very difficult to take and maintain “MY space” in it, when I was constantly criticized and was educated/ conditioned by others to their “normality”
regardless of MY human condition and
~ MY NORMALITY = my needs & perceptions!
Anyone who has experienced something like this knows what I mean!

Depression, symptoms of many kinds, sore throats, sadness, pain of many kinds, back pain, toothache and unfortunately in our society, drugs are used much too quickly and often unwanted symptoms are supressed and are pushed away. The cause of symptoms is too seldom asked!

But these symptoms are “expression of the psyche” of human!

In 2004 I sought help for self-help in the context of three and a half years of psychotherapy!
I am so thankful that I found THIS therapist, because SHE has made a kind of “psychosynthesis” with me, in which everything I experienced and realized was linked to ONE WHOLE, i.e. also my dreams, observations and insights into nature, abilities/talents and what I did in between sessions ~ psychologically-shamanic-energetic-philosophically elaborated!

At the end of the therapy, she told me that I had been the first to work so hard on finding out and resolving mental injuries, that I was now ready to ask the right questions in the right places and help others, and that I should keep my “originality” = my “unique being”

Psychosynthesis was founded by Roberto Assagioli
and aims to bring together the inner parts of a person into a “team”!

And that’s what my tree-shamanic work is all about as well as shadow-work/ trauma work, namely the retrieval of soul parts that were lost due to emotional injuries, trauma, abuse etc. and these lost soul parts “wait” since then to be liberated and re-integrated where the trauma/ injury happened!

This is what I have been doing since 1994, but especially since summer 2017 ~ since then I have been working consciously and deliberately  24/7 
to liberate my “inner child” from theshadows“/from trauma!

For almost three decades I have been walking as a shaman through the “Dark Night of the Soul” and for more than five decades ~ born in the “Moon of Bud Trees” in 1968 ~ as a human being with challenges unrecognized & devalued by others (high sensitivity, empathy, giftedness, etc. )

~ including a reversed “Kundalini process” since 1994 ~ a “normal” Kundalini process runs from the coccyx/ root chakra to the apex/ crown chakra

this reversed one started in my head in 1994 with extreme heat development and massive pain/ depression/ migraine running to the root chakra, very painful and massively challenging, grueling ~ as it is known for Kundalini processes!
this has been massively challenging and dangerous, especially in the last five years!

I myself KNOW about my perceptions, needs and my “being different”,
but was so unusual in the “normal” of others that they fought me!
It has made me STRONGER in my life process as a tree shaman over the years, but it required LOT of courage and perseverance the FULL WILL to LIVE (inner fire!)

in search of MY Light and LIFE!
to get into FREEDOM!
HEALTH to liberate!
spiritual richness, universal LOVE
Respect and appreciation! give and receive!

In my tree-shamanic-energetic work for deliverance of the „inner child“ since 1994 I work primarily with the elements EARTH, WATER, AIR and the INNER fire, the will to live!

I learned from TREES ? and forest ~ the massive pain opened up new levels of consciousness ~ I learned from meadows, animals that met me as messengers and I learned to understand their messages ~ I learned from the wind and the clouds, from the rain, from rivers, from stones ~ from MOTHER EARTH and MOTHER WATER, from MOTHER AIR and Sunshine ~ from MOTHER FIRE, that brings us LIFE in spring, that warms our hearth, that we may feed ourselves,
she who protect and create LIFE !
and who has many more blessings in store for us,
which enriches our LIFE for healthier, for the supreme good!

Just as intensively I do shadow work for the collective, for myself, for my ancestors, for friends, for the deceased, for the children & people of this world who are victims, for animals, for landscapes, for many overall contexts, situations and injuries as described below:

  • Hunger in Africa and Worldwide
  • the children of the Native American First Nations, who have been deprived of their indigenous cultures, who have been robbed and de-conditioned of their traditions and language, who have been abused, re-educated, tortured and murdered by the Residential Schools of the Church in Canada for decades.
    Since the beginning of 2022, skeletons.of more than 10.028 children which have been murdered and destroyed have been found in previously undetected mass graves
  • People affected by genocide all over the world
  • Children in war, current, but also in the past
  • Loss of the trees of this world, destruction and causes
  • victims of abuse and maltreatment of all kinds worldwide, neglect
  • Overcoming collective trauma, addiction, war
  • Overcoming the trauma of generations before us
  • transgenerationally transmitted traumatizations of the society 
  • unconsciously transmitted transgenerational trauma of individual persons (manifestations transmitted by the ancestral lines such as diseases, addiction, loss, grief, fainting, etc. )
  • aggression, war, expulsion, flight, expropriation
  • Compensation from ancestor generations they had to compensate (push away) in order to rebuild the country or because they were without soul care, without psychotherapists etc.
  • Forgotten children and forgotten family members (missing in war, dead children, forgotten in psychiatry, dead on escape/ displacement etc. )
  • lost soul parts soul retrieval!
  • Loss of the world’s biotopes and ecosystems and causes
  • waste, consumerism, throw-away mentality causes
  • addiction, trauma, war, suffering, hardship, suicide
  • C-Virus – causes and outcomes
    and other more

So perhaps it is better to understand why I like to deal with the tender, soft and caring so much ~ because this engagement with these massive themes has to be brought back into the BALANCE ~ by the mild, tenderly, gentle!

I love the KINDLY animals ~
I love the warm gentle rain because it is so healing ~
I love the gentle little flowers
I love the little birds ~
I love LIFE ~ I love MY life!
I love earth water air and the TREES & sunshine

for it is the expression of all this!
the LOVE, the Soul that permeates everything, that enliven everything!

the UNIVERSAL Love that I set out to find in 1994,
after a healer told me to FIND her!
I’d never heard of it before
and finding the UNIVERSAL LOVE brought healing, wholeness, LIFE!

We always have to make sure that we get back to BALANCE!
the symptoms shown above show that something is “out of balance”!

We are now living in a time of 2022, when we have to deal with the triggers caused by world events with war, the energy cost crisis, inflation and the aftermath of the C virus. These events trigger “unresolved trauma unredeemed emotional injuries existential threat”!

pay close attention to whatever triggers reactions from you – your triggers reveal the spot where an ancient pain is still buried – than you can release it intentionally!

it is important to find INNER PEACE! ~ Whoever is in “un-peace” , finds it hard to let peace flow into the world!
(in the menu you will find many posts on how to “find peace inside” in german language)

Through my life experiences within the massively challenging process of the last more than five years since 2017 (5 + 23 years + 26 years = 54 years)
I realized the DEEP SOUL KNOWING,

I am rooted like a TREE in UNIVERSAL LOVE
of the “loving Divine Consciousness”

Since I was 15 years old I have been dealing with the term “LOVE”
and asked many what they mean by it.
For me and my becoming a tree-shaman but also as a human being, FINDING the UNIVERSAL LOVE is
vital !

because in the “general” definition
“Love” is often only
understood as sexualized,
e.g. to “have” a partner,
who gives you gifts
and that it’s about sexuality.
This is too short-sighted and who is in this
opinion, it lacks a lot!

Here again summarized my areas of interest
& my teachers:

  • Ecopsychology
  • Transpersonal Psychology
  • Archetypes
  • Vision-Quest
  • Energy work
  • Psychosomatics
  • Sociopsychology
  • Empath
  • Quantum field
  • Astrophysics
  • Brain research
  • High giftedness
  • High sensitivity/ High sensitivity
  • Cultures of the ’Native American First Nations
  • H. O. P. I. Prophecies
  • Animal messengers/ Power Animals
  • Bird flight
  • Starry sky
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Earth’s history
    and others


Soul-green-power from the power of love
& the power of love for life ForestSoul

tree-shamanic-energetic “inner child” work
= Shadow work since 1994
Integrating Being Different
Potential from traumatic life experiences
unwaveringly follow your own path even on your own
LONG live ~
Opening the heart
increased perceptionSensory training
Understanding Symptoms
universal love
High giftedness
Gentle and POWERful at the same time
Process support
Nature photography
  • heavy dangerous life experiences to become Tree Shaman ~ of the power to BE ~ TRUE HEART POWER

    Since 1994 I have been in a blatant and challenging process that has made me a shaman. I’ve gone through thousands of dismemberments (term of Shamanism) my entire life and put myself together NEW again and again from the parts. In doing so, I have resolved the unconscious and subconscious, transgenerational transfers of trauma as well as the deaths and spells suffered on in my own previous lives, which were placed on me back then and which have unfortunately caused serious illness until my life today!. In the last more than five years I had to face an extremely dangerous process in which my life was in danger several times… like before also.. lots of danger whole of my life…

    since 1990 I had accompaniying dying people … I experienced to be most time of my life alone, especially in challenging processes… about the challenging life experiences with trauma in my whole life and how I learn to overcome it the last decades and especially in THIS dangerous „hero’s journey“… my indomitable WILL to LIVE..

    all people I met needing help in existential challenges I helped whole of my life without getting money for it. and this although I live in pennilessness!  some could not give compensation because as I met them they was in danger and I helped them to decide for their LIFE.!
    the others take my help for granted without only thinking about to give an exchange, they consumed my help.
    I give/gave my undevided awareness to their needs and help them to speak out what needs to be spoken about pain, death and sorrows. All of them I helped with the power of my heart ~ this is my TRUE HEART power ~ READ ALL

  • what I learned from Trees and to be invisible in forest

    how trees, blossoms and plants had teached me over the decades with a hard pain disease and depression… how our ROOTS hold us upright and how TREES show us how to live upright and to find out what are our needs and how can we CARE for ourselves!.. about the benefits of sharpen our senses and what this held for our lifes for better health and higher perception of the beauty of our world, of our Mother Earth.. how it was to be in the forest for years but only be seen by animals not by people :)… READ ALL
  • my whole life“ upside-down“ in the world – I am she who is seeing in the dark – life and shaman being from the most difficult life experiences – how I work and themes of my work

    I look at “unconscious levels and dimensions of the psyche“  and help others in conversation with them that THEY can change their perspective on what has been experienced and thus (can) find self-knowledge, which helps them to understand symptoms and thereby overcome them! So I am a “seer” – I am “she who is seeing in the dark”. I „survived“ severe “psychic” abuse (as well as other types of)thousands of obstacles in my lifetime due to offices, institutions, doctors, but also people, situations, associations, trainers, employers and other… unrecognized Asperger autism with HIGHLY increased perception, highly sensitive and highly sensitive perceiving. Severe pain disease whole body with extreme pain since 1994 (27 years), then with massive years of depression and severe migraine with extreme heat development in the head. Throughout my whole life I have often been in danger (attacks, threats, deprivation of liberty, ill-treatment, violence, choked by assault, almost suffocated for several other reasons, etc. ). I had to deal with all this alone. ~ This “seeing in the dark” includes my interest in the causes how illness arises, how symptoms can be DEVELOPED and how the “disease” can be overcome without having to take pharmaceuticals. I found this “my way” to interpret and understand because I wanted to find the causes of the massive pain symptoms and it seemed completely wrong to me to “cover” the symptoms with medication without interest for the cause! (as suggested to me by school medicine)… READ ALL
  • Dark Night of the Soul – Life from the HEART – primordial wound heals collectively

    what is behind me my entire life and the last almost five years has killed me millions of times and I have rebuilt myself a million times and rearranged from these fragmentations! I decided clearly and CHOOSE TO LIVE!
    I knew and know, I am rooted in universal LOVE – for me it is right to LIVE out of the HEART power of my WILL.
    In the 52 years of my life, many wanted to adapt me to their „normal“ with the hardest means! In this „Dark Night of the Soul“ I wandered whole of my life. So I learned through the massively crass life story to take good care of myself, to look what I want,to learn who I AM to find what holds and carries me,to BE. I am rooted in my heart in BEING SELF. I am here because I DECIDED to LIVE!… ~ the solar plexus chakra blazes inside of us, be it because of grief or anger, fear, doubt or despair, anger or worry, addiction and all of that due to unsolved mental injuries! In the solar plexus chakra, the fire blazes unbalanced in the case of unsolved mental injuries and the transgenerational trauma that we carry.. That is why it is so important to liberate all of your chakras IN you, because each chakra relates to certain life issues and is a “bowl” for different elements! Many still live out of their survival strategies, the traumatization of that time or the life dreams of their ancestors that were imposed on them or that they themselves sustain through trauma because the topic is unconscious!… READ ALL
  • we are the Caretakers of Mother Earth and we are here, to BE that in these heavy times ~ in deep trust of the helping hand of LOVING divine and in deep trust of LIFE

    The most important ‚thing‘ we could do is to TRUST in our hearts, to KNOW what is right and what is Truth! ~ to value LIFE and stand for LIFE and to BE ~ also to care for ourselves and to be connected to Mother Earth and all of living creation! Let’s all stay connected, rooted and grounded to Mother Earth, in deep gratitude for Grandmother Water, BREATHE the AIR in conscious intention and FEEEL how the air is floating through y/our lungs and give us space inside of us. Fire is the WILL to LIVE, the will to only want to LIVE, like nature does and trees and flowers and plants and animals and us! BE in confidence for LIFE, in my life experience it is all about our DECISION to KNOW what we take CARE for and who we are beyond our physical body ~ we are LIGHT and we are LOVE and we are Colors like the Rainbow SHINE in the Sunlight  we are here to BE … like a child, in deep trust for LIFE  .. READ ALL
  • Change of Perspective on Christmas with Corona – a field of GRATITUDE as an opposite pole to the field of fear

    This Christmas with Corona is a „chance“ to make it clear to us what we „have“, what is given to us because if we look into the global world, we can see that there are people all over the world who live in this times now without warm running water in a tent, they have to share ONE toilet with 200 others and who lack what we „have“ here! It is good for you and also makes sense for your health to change your own focus – namely away from what was “normal” in the past and away from your own “lack” feeling of it! better to focus on how rich we are here and that we and our loved ones and friends are healthy and to recognize that there are millions of people in the world who have to live in tents, cut off from what we here before or even while C-Virus felt so „normal“ ~ but only ‚took‘ it without respect and without appreciation, namely „consumed“! READ ALL
  • stay connected to HEART and EARTH

    Stay connected to Mother Earth and the elements you feel connected with. Be silent in places you find benefit in! Earthing and Grounding is really important! You can also find this with the elements and natural places you are attracted to. Open your heart! ~ I have deep trust for a worthier world to LIVE in. this collective process is about LOVE, universal LOVE ~ not the love for somebody in romantic ways ~ but the LOVE, the DEEP Love, you find for YOURself! unconditional LOVE for YOU YOURSELF ~ since Corona but also before there is a field of disturbance/ interferences and the collective fear bring lot’s of chaos. And with this it is better to BE than to „think“, because the collective needs to shed the „false self“ to befree the „TRUE SELF“!.. so I suggest to you… READ ALL
  • with the power of our heart we CREATE the FIELD of LIFE

    every day new infos come up, which increases the „collective field of fear“; and the more attention we give to it, the more our life-force level, our vibration level declines! that is why I have now DECIDED to focus only on that which brings forth MORE LIFE, such as to enJOY nature, to take spring TRUE with all senses, that gives life SENSE out into the forest, into the field, ~ of course without a face mask!~ because the FINE AIR with all the flower scents is and creates HIGH vibrating LIFE FORCE! ~ I understand that being „informed“ can be important, as is sometimes argued. But the information that comes is less „informing“ than „frightening“ or is intended to use this information or feed this information to further expand the „FIELD of fear“! If we allow ourselves to be constantly distracted with this fear-producing information and constantly give our attention to it, our life-force vibration level declines ~ which weakens the immune system and can plunge us into desperation and fear through the emerging triggers and the contraction of our vibration fields, which every human being carries around him or is up to us if we allow this weakening to happen! little but important insight!!.Therefore it is sooo IMPORTANT that we DECIDE where we want to put the focus of our attention!… READ ALL
  • walk the path of the heart – unflinching! even against the greatest resistance!

    we must EXIT from the way of the ego, from aggression, from the darkness of the division of society. it is now for ALL to walk the PATH of the HEART, to find it again! ~ but how can ALL find this path?! ~ by individuals all over the world and we „many“ all over the world who KNOW it, follow this path unflinching! even against the greatest resistance ! Let us continue on our path of LOVE and FREEDOMUNBREAKABLE!!

    ~ we want to let OUR LIGHT shine and shine! OPEN and CONNECT our heart and soul! with this CONNECTION we overcome the separation of ego and triggers and the virus!
    BE unflinching!   LOVE undeviatingly!...~~~~~ READ ALL
  • what we now March 2020 can learn from this virus situation – a shamanic sociological view!

    here I describe how the change is going on, what was pratice before the virus appears and what chance it gives us to find new solutions NOW or to act differently than before and what this holds as an opportunity… the “social distance“ that we have to maintain now because of the virus was basically already there before, because people had grown apart. Most of the attention was tied up in the smartphone, the open-mindedness for social interaction had faded due to the addiction to electronic media and the acceleration of “time”, through hectic and existential fear and by turning away from the natural to the technological! ~ the pandemic spreads a “collective field” of fear, this triggers unresolved worries and injuries from the past, it may even be those we have already inherited from our ancestors without knowing it. It is very important to be careful to give little room to fear, because fear has a damaging effect on the immune system! We live in times of transition from the old to the new. It needs NEW approaches now. It is particularly important to remain in confidence! The domestic coexistence of families is now more in demand again, […] All in all, it can be seen that these times are about overcoming polarities! If we look at the whole world before the virus, we saw a great interest in going out, in consuming, in electronic media strongly beyond the healthy! People worked to party on weekends, go out. Wherever they went, they consumed – music, people, sex, alcohol and more. Often there was still little willingness to exchange with others REALLY, to really listen to what the other person has/had to say or even to ask how the other person is doing! The virus now brings families and people interested in each other closer together again. All in all, the focus of attention is on something completely different than before! Before it was about merchandise, products, goods, money, elbow mentality, consumption, going party, consume and went to work to “achieve” this and be able to affort it! Now it’s all about health and precaution, prevention. “Suddenly” mortality comes to the focus, where dying was previously massively tabooed! Before the virus, the focus was “trapped” in consumption, in the delusion of youthfulness and performance, in striving for perfection in appearance and body measurements, in achieving maintaining and showing the accumulated “status”. it was all about keeping the mask upright, whether as an applied facial expression far from authenticity or as a representation of “appearance” in all situations in life, always with the intention of pretending that everything was „fine“, even if there was chaos and disagreement in the family or elsewhere!… READ ALL
  • cultivating peace INside. each is responsible. NOW!

    in these days, as many people lost their lives, and the fear is poked, it is to ourselves to provide, to raise our energy frequency! everybody has the responsibility for themselves and is called on for paying attention even to where the focus of the attenion lies and for it to provide, to lay the attention only in a few points on the world events and to work otherwise to cultivate and celebrate PEACE, LOVE and HEALING for everybody and everything. The people are afraid and this fear and this feeling of helplessness is intensified if one argues too long and too intensively with the topical world events! it is really important that we take also time for ourselves to settle down, make our head free from sorrow and fear! Everybody now should work with discipline on its own internal calmness, should cultivate peace in the own inner being ~ this means, to nurture the seed in us, to care for the young, plant with love and to let it grow ~ and to let this inner peace and inner LOVE flow into the world to raise the level of frequencies, the level of consciousness which threatens to fall or has already dropped! We, who work/ed already in shamanic practitioning know of the necessary to be deep rooted and grounded in our Mother Earth and we work FOR peace, healing and love for the world to the best for all of nature and creation and for all beings. we now are called on to work for the fact that the level of frequencies of fear are overcome and the frequencies are raised steadily oder held on a higher level! Each of us is responsible… READ ALL
  • critical inventory about the situation of the world and solution – insistent message from Chief Arvol Looking Horse

    […] A “disease of the mind” has set in world leaders and many members of our global community, with their belief that a solution of retaliation and destruction of peoples will bring peace. In our prophecies it is told that we are now at the crossroads: Either unite spiritually as a global nation, or be faced with chaos, disasters, diseases, and tears from our relatives’ eyes. We are the only species that is destroying the source of life, meaning Mother Earth, in the name of power, mineral resources, and ownership of land. Using chemicals and methods of warfare that are doing irreversible damage, as Mother Earth is becoming tired and cannot sustain any more impacts of war. I ask you to join me on this endeavor. Our vision is for the peoples of all continents, regardless of their beliefs in the Creator, to come together as one at their Sacred Sites to pray and meditate and commune with one another, thus promoting an energy shift to heal our Mother Earth and achieve a universal consciousness toward attaining Peace. As each day passes, I ask all nations to begin a global effort, and remember to give thanks for the sacred food that has been gifted to us by our Mother Earth, so the nutritional energy of medicine can be guided to heal our minds and spirits. This new millennium will usher in an age of harmony or it will bring the end of life as we know it.[…]… READ ALL
  • .

🌱 Soul Green Power ~ from the power of love &
the power of love to life

one of my power plants! ~ I hear what it is whispering ~ ‚meadow sage‘ ~ Salvia pratensis

warm regards ~ Tree Shaman ForestSoul HeartPower
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