stay connected to HEART and EARTH

Stay connected to Mother Earth and the elements you feel connected with. Be silent in places you find benefit in! Earthing and Grounding is really important! You can also find this with the elements and natural places you are attracted to. Open your heart! ~ I have deep trust for a worthier world to LIVE in. this collective process is about LOVE, universal LOVE ~ not the love for somebody in romantic ways ~ but the LOVE, the DEEP Love, you find for YOURself! unconditional LOVE for YOU YOURSELF 💗

since Corona but also before there is a field of disturbance/ interferences and the collective fear bring lot’s of chaos.

And with this it is better to BE than to „think“, because the collective needs to shed the „false self“ to befree the „TRUE SELF“!

so I suggest to you, sing and dance also when you have symptoms, sing and dance out of the moment, because LIFE moment by moment to BE.

Sing like a child, appreciate what you have and what you accomplished already,

BE thankful, BE grateful for healthy family, healthy children, BE in the vibration of LOVE 💗🌿🍀

I know this sounds hard, but you can begin at every moment new, also when you are feeling sad and burden by symptoms and pain. you can begin every minute NEW.

BE thankful for your LIFE, that you have come to the now, also when it was hard to overcome the hindrances and burdens you maybe was in over your life time.

when we are thankful, our vibration level RAISE!

and with this we have more power to bear these symptoms.

I know it’s really hard and I know how to live over decades with pain and headaches and depression and this all alone and how it feels to not knowing how to overcome the next hour or the next day ~

it’s about to be PRESENT in every NOW MOMENT, step by step!

every one of us is responsible for themselves! we have to DECIDE, what world we want to live in, what we are giving our attention to. We are demanded to decide with our conscience, what world we want to live in, what values we want to stand for!
in this chaotic time we are the power!

we are much more significant than we all knew before, because every one of us, who is incarnated now, is here to help for the „shift of Consciousness“.

this process is also about changing our perspective. When we are grateful for what we reached in our life, we change our perception!

everyone found creative solutions to overcome problems in their lifes. Become conscious about this and be thankful for that! everyone of us have talents and skills, connect with YOUR SELF in this to know you are WORTH and you are precious 💗

be in communication from your heart and be in self-esteem and self-worth. all this helps to be resilient and this helps to have more power to bear these symptoms and these feelings of sadness, pressure and stress.

Also to eat many fresh food like fruits and salad, but also to eat this you like really much ;)

because when you forbid yourself to be nurtured though you feel you want (like me for sometimes in this heavy process since 2017) whipped cream or chocolate than be soft to yourself to eat this.

We are all in this process to free ourselves from trauma. but this is an unconscious process for the most. we all carry transgenerational trauma from our ancestors or our own past lifes and all this is coming up to be resolved collectively.

Stay connected to yourself!

BE in self awareness but with great sympathy for yourself and your unconditional LOVE for yourself.

Be open hearted with yourself 💗

hug yourself when the symptoms are hard
and hug yourself for what you have achieved in your life time 🍀🌿😊

these changes of perception/s for yourself helps to raise the collective field of LOVE and high vibration level of your body ~ and I know, that „all is related“!

and with this it is significant what ONE do to be in Self LOVE and to be in Self CARE – how you are with yourself deeply moved whole of living CREATION 🌎🌈🌸

Drink minimum 2L still clear water over the day, it helps to detox

and also a shower could help really when you realize that water is clearing and purifying 💦 but for this take time and be aware how the water is touching you and be in self awareness and LOVE with this.

thank you for reading! ~ stay connected to LIFE 🌈 in appreciation for the DIVERSITY of „living creation“!
look around you, all around is LIFE

MITAKUYE OYASIN! – we are all related! – one heart one mind!

warm greetings from Germany –
ForestSoul, tree shaman since 1994 ~ feel welcome!
about forestSoul/ WaldSeele:

I am „she who is seeing in the dark“ – Life and being Shaman from the most difficult life experiences – my potential!! – how I work and themes

I am under massive symptoms since almost FOUR YEARS – every day, minute by minute, 24/7. it came suddenly at 2017 without announcement and I was since than alone in this process, did not know what to do,
just know I have to BE the Shaman I am since 1994.
I am really glad to have survived these heavy life experiences, my whole life I was repeatedly in highly danger. my whole life was about pain, headaches, migraine, hindrances and abuse. I am 52 years and in this process since 26 years now to become and BE the Shaman I am now.

I am engaged to find out the causes of trauma, war and racism
to help the collective to overcome what lies behind us.

I had become Shaman as a survivor of abuse.

also in this picture „Lightning“ –>
but also Water of Life, Spiderweb and Dreamcatcher, feathers and wind/air, Light, Heart-Power

I am rooted in my Mother Earth through my HEART ~
I am a mediator between Heaven and Earth, like the trees 🌿 my teachers
and green power and blossoms and all living creation !
thank you all my relations! – Mitykuye Oyasin


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all rights reserved!

© picture „hands“ without text: pexels @ pixabay
© picture „lightning“ by WaldSeele modified from

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