Cooling hints for the heat wave

💧 Hang wet towels on – in the apartment and balcony

💧 Roller shutters down / half down pull up at night to ventilate

💧 Feet in cold or lukewarm/ warm footbath 
depending on how it feels for YOU ❣️💧


💧 Ice pack/ gel pack from refrigerator or freezer on the head or neck
Wrap cloth around it when out of the freezer, otherwise there will be burns ‼️

💧 Drink MUCH preferably 2 to 3 liters per day
WATER and unsweetened drinks such as tea

more room-warm than cold
otherwise you sweat VERY, because your body has to warm the cold mouth/neck/belly again. .

(the desert peoples drink hot tea at such temperatures and wear headgear, long sleeves and long trousers)

💧 Umbrella!

💧 few clothes or the ones you like
this can also be something long made of thin cotton

💧 If you notice you’ve become cold, take a hot shower. . .
then rest. . .

💧 Eat cool, eg lettuce, herbal curd, fruit. . .

💧 wrap blue cloths around you,

this lowers the perceived temperature 
green and white as well 
also for bed linen

💧 ventilate well at night

💧 where it is pleasantly comfortable/ feels for YOU
and at night with fresh air


💧 Take a cool shower, e. g. in a T-shirt
but pay attention to your kidneys! avoid the air draft!

💧 Wet washcloths, wring them out and place them on forehead or neck

💧 Place flower sprinkler with water on YOU or over your head/ arms/ legs
and let it rain down 💧💧💧

💧 Going out only with Sun hat ⛱️👒🧢

💧 ‚Nature sounds‘ like water drops or water sounds work miracles,
especially at night! (found at yt)

I like f.e. this one: THUNDERstorm with heavy RAIN – 3 hours

💧 View pictures of cold regions of the world ice pictures or sea waves

💧 postpone heavy physical work to another time! – when it’s cool again!

💧 You can hang out your balcony with white cloths if you don’t have a device, build one out of bamboo sticks you can also paint it as you like
attach the bamboo sticks to the railing, eg. with cable ties, the cross braces with cord
attach the fabrics to it with laundry clamps

💧 Better to stay in the shade of trees when outdoors
or in the shadows of buildings as in the blazing sun!

💧 Always have WATER to DRINK with you!

💙💧 Children & dogs MUST be taken out of the car !!!
!!!! do not leave in the car under any circumstances !!!! 💙💧

💧 listen to “cool” music
you know better for you, what FEELs right for you!

💧 If you have indoor plants, they are happy about extensive spraying with the flower sprinkler this increases the humidity for them and for your rooms and you give them appreciation for sharing their life with you!

But don’t do this if the sun is shining or coming around or if they are standing at the window in the sun! it’ll burn their tender leaves!

💧 go for a walk in the deciduous forest or sit down quietly, meditate,
turn off your mobile phone and be completely quiet, maybe even at a creek/river,
~~~~ in the woods even without a creek/river it’s always pleasant
and through the leaves cooler than outside!
The sounds of nature also helps!

💧 Strengthen yourself instead of pulling yourself down!

💧 free yourself from “fear”
with these tips you have many ideas on how to cool down!
and I’m sure you’ll get more ideas

💙💧 YOUU. . . are responsible for YOU 💗🍀💚

💧 when you feel tired,

 listen to YOU. . . and do what
YOU do well ❣️ 💙

💧 when others suggest something where you realize you feel uncomfortable,
reject this  and DO THAT, what does YOU good

Stand by YOU and YOUR NEED! 💙💧

💧 TRUST that you can handle the heat wave with ease 🍀💧🌿🍀


this list you can also print
and use as a “crib note” 

I find, to listen toall this, it cools already  😍🥰


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Best regards ~ ForestSoul HeartPower EarthPower

tree-shamanic-energetic “inner child” work since 1994,
Open your heart, live slowly, sensory training,
tender and powerful at the same time

all rights reserved!

Photo: © licence free picture pixabay

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